Changing Climate, Moving People

What was home once, will only see me as a guest now.

"We all like to build homes. Or change the old and familiar roof and walls to what we would like them to be- to create something which is beautiful and is probably down a path we are familiar with. But how often do we manage to build this idyllic home? What if the rain sweeps off that familiar path? What if a river changes its course to swallow all your crops from a season? What if the land that was home is hit by drought- year after year? We will move to other places and build new homes. Close to a third of population in India currently can be counted as internal migrants- people who move from one place to another in search of better life and livelihood. The film looks at three regions- Bundelkhand, Odisha and Uttarakhand which have been impacted by extreme weather events in recent times and the impact on the already existing migratory patterns out of these regions. How willing are our cities to make space for the old and new migrants?"

Civil society/Grassroots
College student/Graduates
Policy Makers
Researchers/Post graduates
Secondary school students
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