Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP)

22 Mar 2023 05 May 2023

women entreaprenership

WEDP 1 & 2 : 22 Mar 2023 - 05 May 2023 | 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM IST

Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) under the Department of Science & Technology scheme aims to train the S&T graduates and diploma holders in the entrepreneurship essentials - conceive, plan, initiate, launch and maintain economic activity or run a successful enterprise.

WEDP selects 30-35 potential women entrepreneurs and train them through a structured 3 weeks training programme. The online training pedagogy will follow a mix of theoretical sessions, practicals and case-based discussion.

Training Schedule

TERI is conducting the training as per below schedule:

WEDP-1: March 22 - April 12, 2023 (Registration close)

WEDP-2: April 17 – May 05, 2023 (Registration open)

About the Programme

Majority of the women face problems while dealing with the management of business and its other aspects like managing clients, communications, funding opportunities, credit applications, marketing of the business (products/services) etc. Access to better advisory and training would help women that are behind the small-scale family-owned businesses and others who are willing to start their own business.

This free training programme will be conducted with the help of well-trained experts. In this programme, women trainees will identify right business idea for them, steps to follow, and develop necessary knowledge and skills to evaluate and run a business.


  • Bachelor Degree/Diploma in Science/Engineering/Technology
  • Age should be between 21-45 years
  • Women only

Programme Strucuture

  • Entrepreneurship – Concept and Present Scenario
  • Identification of Business Opportunities
  • Project Identification and Opportunity Guidance
  • Market Survey
  • Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
  • Role of Supporting Agencies and Schemes
  • Role of Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Motivation Training
  • Technical and Financial Aspects
  • Business Plan / Project report Preparation
  • Managerial Aspects
  • Online Experience Sharing with Entrepreneurs in various fields (Solar, waste management, sustainable livelihood)


Lecture, Interaction, Case Studies, Group Exercises, Experience sharing and Interaction with


Expected Outcome

With the Inputs provided in the form of Knowledge, Information and Experience sharing, the participants will be able to conceive ideas, develop the idea into a product/ service, evaluate the project and implement the entrepreneurial venture.

Target Group

In each WEDP 30-35 potential entrepreneurs having degree/diploma in S&T are trained through a structured training programme of 3 weeks duration. Trainees are selected based on the information provided in google registration form and personal interview to assess their potential of becoming entrepreneur. During the training period, participants also get to know the intricacies of how to start and manage an enterprise. At the end they are assisted in preparing a detailed business plan.

Course Fee :It is a free course

Venue: Online (through Google Meet Platform)


Click here to register-

WEDP-2: https://bit.ly/WEDP-2

Person in charge:

Ms Reeta Sharma
Programme Coordinator
Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC)
Email: reetas@teri.res.in

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