Webinar on "Integrating Heat Adaptation with Climate and Disaster Plans at State as well as National Level in India"

25 Oct 2016 25 Oct 2016
Dr John M. Balbus, Dr Anil Kumar Gupta, Dr Peter Berry, Dr Vikas Desai, Ms Suruchi Bhadwal

The impact of heat on health is perhaps the most obvious and direct consequence of the rising temperatures characteristic of climate change. Adaptation to heat is therefore, urgently required. It includes releasing heat advisories, proper urban planning, and much more. This is an important part of enhancing communities' health resilience to the impact of climate change. India's National Action Plan for Climate Change has now been expanded to 12 missions including one for health. Similarly, State Action Plans exist for almost all the states of India, and 'health' figures as one of the important components of these Plans. As the health sector gears up to the challenges of increasing severity and frequency of heat waves, it is also critical to understand inter-sectoral planning and issues related to it for a coordinated, evidence-based approach to public policy. The webinar featured prominent experts from the climate and health policy sector who discussed this issue at great length. Climate, public health, and public policy professionals also contributed to the discussion.

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