Urban Library on Strengthening Capacities for Sustainable Cities

11 Feb 2020 11 Feb 2020
Ms Adishree Panda, Ms Bhavya Bogra
Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi

In the Government of India's strive towards enhancing the sustainability of Indian cities, collaboration between various stakeholders for exchange of knowledge, institutional cooperation and adaptation of global best practices becomes imperative. To this end, the Urban Library event titled "Strengthening Capacities for Sustainable Cities" at the World Urban Forum 10 from 8-13 February 2020, will be in the form of launch and dissemination of a knowledge product by TERI consisting of global urban solutions. The event on 11th February 2020 at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, from 14.00 – 14.45 hours will also include a panel discussion to provide the urbanization context of India and highlight the importance of integration and local adaptation of global sustainable solutions.

Urban library

There is a need to channelize research studies and innovative solutions towards cities and their departments to address the urbanization challenges, in line with the national and global urban agendas such as the urban SDGs. For cities to drive their global urban agendas forward, it is thus imperative that the relevant capacity and knowledge is not just limited to technical experts and government authorities, but is also accessible to other stakeholders for influencing policy and practice.

The publication titled the Urban Practices for a Sustainable Future is a document that includes innovative strategies and global urban practices that cities can adopt in the Indian context. It has been structured in line with the corresponding sectors, parameters and benchmarks of the ‘GRIHA for CITIES' rating system. The document presents a brief overview of each sector including the priority areas and gaps, followed by guiding principles and complementing urban practice examples for achieving sustainability.

The Urban Library event, and the knowledge product, is thus aimed towards early career researchers and practitioners engaged in the urban space, ULBs and municipal corporations/municipalities of existing as well as proposed cities, research institutes, policy think tanks, academia, and university graduate students from backgrounds related to urban studies and policymaking.

Contact Details

Ms Adishree Panda
Research Associate & Area Convenor
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: adishree.panda@teri.res.in

Ms Bhavya Bogra
Research Associate
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: bhavya.bogra@teri.res.in

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