Renewable Energy Transition in South Asia: Role of Regional Energy Trade and Cooperation

21 Dec 2022 21 Dec 2022

Renewal Energy

21 December, 2022

The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) with ERIN-ERIA is organising a hybrid high-level expert consultation on the theme “Renewable Energy Transition in South Asia: Role of Regional Energy Trade and Cooperation” on December 21, 2022 from 10:30 – 15:50 hrs. The discussions at the event will see experts deliberate on two key topics-

  • Realizing the Potential of regional cooperation in RE trade in South Asia
  • Challenges and Opportunities for regional energy Cooperation

South Asian countries have high potential for intra-regional trade, but the actual intra-regional trade is significantly low due to various factors including lack of cooperation among neighboring trading partners. Globally as countries are preparing to decarbonize their economies, a shift in energy trade pattern is observed across countries. Due to lack of indigenous technology and production facilities, all South Asian countries including India primarily depend on import of renewable energy products (like solar module, energy storage etc.). As the energy mix of countries is moving away from fossil fuel to renewable generation sources, import dependency for fossil fuel has been changing to import dependency for renewable energy technologies. However, intra-regional trade especially in energy product is very low among South Asian countries.

Generally regional cooperation and trade facilitation not only benefit the participating countries but also provide some spill-over benefits to the entire region. Various economic regions including Southeast Asian countries have done significantly well in intra-regional cooperation especially for energy trade. Other than exploring the dynamics of regional cooperation in renewable energy trade among South Asian countries, it is also important to learn the success stories of other regions like Southeast Asia region to facilitate effective regional energy trade cooperation in South Asia. In this background, TERI has undertaken a joint (with ERIN-ERIA) research study titled “Renewable Energy Transition in South Asia: Role of Regional Energy Trade”.

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