Nanobiotechnology in natural food colours

20 Oct 2022 20 Oct 2022

Nanobiotechnology in natural food colours

On 20th October 2022 | 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Colour influences consumer food preferences. Food colour is considered the essential product-intrinsic sensory cue when setting people’s expectations regarding the likely taste and flavor of food and drink. For this reason, color has been added to food to enhance it for hundreds of years. Originally, ingredients providing color were made from existing natural sources or grown locally in home kitchens. The industrialisation of food production drove the need for consistent food colours in every production batch and stability throughout the product's shelf life.

The rapid development of nanotechnology is expected to transform many areas of food science and the food industry. Food Nanotechnology offers significant potential benefits, but emerging concerns arise from its novel physicochemical properties. Nanotechnology holds great promise to provide benefits not just within food products but also around food products. Nanotechnology introduces new chances for innovation in the food industry at immense speed. The webinar will help us understand the future possibilities of nanobiotechnology in natural food colors.

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