India’s journey to net zero: A conceptual framework for analysis

20 May 2024 20 May 2024

India has announced a net zero emissions target by 2070. India faces the twin challenge of achieving net zero while maintaining its socio-economic development. It has the right to development, yet it should concurrently pursue a pathway that prioritizes low carbon emissions. This, therefore, seems the right time to begin analysis and discussion on how India’s journey to net zero could be undertaken and what it would entail.

In this context, TERI has developed a discussion paper on ‘India’s journey to net zero: A conceptual framework for analysis’ the key objective of which is to qualitatively portray sectoral triggers of major carbon emitting sectors in India, namely, electricity, transport, industry, residential cooking, and agriculture. This would serve as a basis for further deliberations on India’s approach to adopt decarbonisation pathways leading to net zero target in the long-term. The framework is also based on the underlying premise that decoupling of the rise in carbon emissions from growth would be the key to moving towards net zero and the discussion paper considers factors which would lead to inflection points for decoupling.

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