Future Climate Leaders Program- Role of Youth in Climate Change Discourse: Inspiring solutions from local to global levels

14 Nov 2022 14 Nov 2022
Climate Education Hub, Blue Zone
COP27 future climate

On 14th November 2022 | 18:30 - 20:00 Hrs (EET)

Climate Change represents one of the most controversial and least understood threats to human and economic well-being. Yet, it also presents a clear and present opportunity for action, especially from the most affected, vis-a-vis the youth. Throughout history, generations of youth have catalyzed change. To accelerate environmental sustainability, we need to hear youth’s perspectives and capitalize on their energy and ideas. We urgently need to de-jargonize climate change discourse and provide thought-leadership and inspiration among youth to accelerate climate action and foster skills for climate action.

Against this background, TERI in collaboration with Evergreen Story is hosting a side event at COP27, to showcase solutions and engage in a global discussion to derive ground leverage of climate education and youth action from a local to a global level. The session shall provide a platform to learn more on climate education focused on local youth programs in India, Africa and global platforms.

TERI Contact:

Vidhu Kapur Associate Fellow, TERI Email: vidhu.kapur@teri.res.in

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