We accept students from universities, schools and colleges all over the world for internship opportunities. Internships open the basis of the research programme requirements and are of certain duration.

TERI is an organisation that will challenge its interns and invest in their professional development. As a part of this, interns too are encouraged to seek out people and share their ideas.

How to apply:

Send your CV and application to

The application must mention the start and end date of internship, reason for applying to TERI, and area of work in which internship is sought.

Types of assignments:

Assignments could be both research based and non-research based.

We undertake research in the areas of Renewable Energy, Sustainable Architecture and Urban Planning, Air Pollution, Waste Management, Water pollution, Biotechnology, Climate Change, Rural Livelihood, Energy Modelling, and Environmental Education. Candidates can choose to work in any of these areas and we will try to place them in their area of interest as much as possible. However, this also depends on availability of assignment and the candidate's suitability.

We also take interns for our non-research areas such as marketing, IT, Library, and Outreach.

While at TERI:

Interns are assigned work related to an on-going project so that they for a hands-on experience. While there are supervisors for guidance, an internship is not to be treated as a training programme. Candidates can access all facilities for research available at TERI, including a personal computer, but are advised to get their own laptop.


Interns are expected to submit a report to their supervisor at the end of their internship and make a presentation if possible. TERI awards a certificate at the end of the term and the supervisor fills up an evaluation form provided by the institution.

For further queries, please write to