Ujjwala achieves its target of 8 crore LPG connections but a lot remains undone

16 Oct 2019

Providing LPG is necessary but not sufficient. The government needs to adopt supplementary measures to incentivize higher utilization of LPG. Only then, the actual objective of providing clean fuel will be successful.

Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment

01 Oct 2019 | Dr John S Moolakkattu

As India celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr John S Moolakkattu revisits Gandhi's thinking and views on environment. In his book, Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment, he says that Gandhi's environmentalism fitted in with his overall vision for India and the world that sought to extract from nature what is absolutely necessary for human sustenance. His ideas on environment are intimately linked with his ideas relating to the polity, economy, health, and development.

Plastic waste pollution: A minute to make, but years to break

27 Sep 2019

Over the past decades, global plastic production and consumption have witnessed a meteoric rise. While the harmful effects of plastic utilization are many, we seem incapable of weaning ourselves away from it. Single-use plastic items have caused a lot of damage to the environment and there's an urgent need to collectively curb its usage, monitor its disposal, and, if possible, avoid using it altogether.

Balloons are ticking bombs

26 Sep 2019 | Ms Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

"Balloons are deadlier than bombs," says Maneka Sanjay Gandhi. Your celebration means the death of thousands of birds and animals annually. It is time you stopped wasting important resources like helium for meaningless rituals.

The role of business in restoring India's degraded land

20 Sep 2019

Degraded land is an underperforming asset and poses significant risks to a wide spectrum of industries. There are, however, opportunities and benefits for businesses by adopting sustainable land management (SLM) in their value chains.

Changing role of chief sustainability officers

19 Sep 2019 | Madhulika Sharma

Sustainability in businesses has moved from a compliance based approach to an impact measurement and mitigation approach

Right to livelihood and social impact assessment in land acquisition

27 Aug 2019

Land is often linked to people's livelihood and gauging the extent of a community's willingness to part with it is important before acquiring it

Microbes script a success story in treating pharmaceutical waste

26 Aug 2019

TERI's Oilzapper technology uses naturally occurring microorganisms to transform hydrocarbon contaminants in soil to non-toxic compounds

Resource efficiency for a sustainable e-vehicle sector

16 Aug 2019

The latest blog in our ongoing series explores material use and resource efficiency potential in India's e-vehicle sector

Liveability of Indian cities: Turning urban legend into reality

09 Aug 2019

'Liveability' of late is an inherent part of planning.