Residents of Gujarat can install rooftop solar power plants with I-SMART

25 Jul 2019

Gujarat announces new solar rooftop subsidy for its residential consumers

Rooftop Solar: Consumer demand aggregation is the way to go

14 May 2019

Solar rooftop systems for consumers in Surat and New Delhi have helped in reducing electricity bills as well as achieving India’s renewable energy goals.

A biomass-solar combination for cold storage of farm produce

09 May 2019

A novel way of utlising biomass and solar power to create cold storage facility in rural areas

Solar rooftops spell savings for power distribution companies

08 May 2019 | Mr Rishabh Sethi

Rooftop solar PV systems benefit power distribution companies by reducing their technical, financial and operational burden

Why battery energy storage is key to renewables' growth

02 Apr 2019

Apart from helping smoothen grid integration of renewables, battery storage can also help discoms with demand side management

Lower healthcare costs, more jobs among cobenefits of higher renewables' share in India

01 Apr 2019

Research under the COBENEFITS project suggests that shifting to more renewable energy in power generation would also lead to employment generation, better health, and cleaner air

Reevaluating the lens to measure battery energy storage cost

20 Feb 2019

One must look beyond just upfront cost and also consider life cycle economic assessment when evaluating the cost of battery energy storage systems

Blockchain and distributed clean energy: How do the twain meet?

30 Jan 2019

Innovative application of blockchain can empower the smart distribution grid of tomorrow

TERI increases its solar footprint

17 Jan 2019

TERI laid the foundation stone of a 228 kW solar rooftop system and of a new solar pump testing facility in its campus in Gurugram, Haryana

Green growth intervention and job creation

11 Dec 2018 | Dr Anandajit Goswami| | Mr Saswata Chaudhury

Sufficiently skilled workers will be needed for employment in renewable energy and green building job markets in India