Climate change enabling project for the DPR of Korea

October 18, 1997 to March 31, 2000
| Completed Project

@ Strengthen national capacity in undertaking @ an assessment of the potential impacts of climate change in the DPRK @ an analysis of potential measures and development of a national action plan to adapt to climate change

Bioprospecting of the phytochemical diversity in the plants of family Myrtaceae for pesticidal activity

October 9, 1997 to October 20, 2002
| Completed Project

@ Prepare and fractionate the plant extractives obtained from different plant parts of the diverse germplasm @ Bioassay the crude and fractionated extractives to identify the plant species having maximum pesticidal activity @ Identify the active principle @ Standardize analytical methods for estimation of the active principle

Environment improvement and sustainable development of the Agra-Mathura-Firozabad trapezium of Uttar Pradesh

August 1, 1997 to March 22, 2000
| Completed Project

@ Provide a comprehensive assessment of the prevailing situation in the Taj trapezium, an area of 10 400 square kilometres around Agra @ Recommend appropriate projects for improvements in the state of the environment and the quality of life within the Taj trapezium

Development of a membrane process for clarifying sugarcane juice

March 1, 1997 to February 28, 1998
| Completed Project

Micropropagation Technology Park

January 1, 1997 to April 30, 2002
| Completed Project

@ Mass-propagate various forestry and horticultural species (both fruit crops and ornamentals) through tissue culture @ Develop new micropropagation protocols for economically important plant species

ALGAS (Asia Least-cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy): Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) component

December 20, 1996 to March 31, 2001
| Completed Project

@ Conduct training and make available suitably qualified consultants to assist the DPRK study team that is implementing the project in the country @ Carry out activities for completion of the tasks under the project with the DPRK staff

Villages around Sonshi and Codli mines: a survey report

October 15, 1996 to September 30, 1997
| Completed Project

The objective of the study was to provide Sesa Goa with background information to plan social investment programmes for six mining villages surrounding Sesa Goa’s Sonshi and Codli mines. Among the six villages, four were in North Goa and two in South Goa.

Improvement of quality of oilseed brassica

October 1, 1996 to September 30, 2001
| Completed Project

@ Evaluate available low erucic acid / low glucosinolate lines of B. juncea and B. napus for yield performance and quality parameters @ Develop low erucic acid / low glucosinolate varieties of B. juncea by combining variable fatty acid composition for edible/industrial uses

Development of 5-kilowatt MCFC (molten carbonate fuel cell)

April 1, 1996 to June 30, 1999
| Completed Project

@ Design and fabricate MCFC stack components, namely electrodes, electrolyte matrix, and bipolar separator plates with internal gas manifolding @ Assemble the stack with the above components and incorporate a control systems for gas flow, temperature, and power output @ Test the stack performance.

Conserving mycorrhizal diversity

December 1, 1993 to November 30, 1996
| Completed Project

Given the spectrum of benefits that can be derived from mycorrhiza, a Center for Mycorrhizal Culture Collection (CMCC) was established at TERI to both conserve and derive benefits from mycorrhizal diversity in 1993.The depository houses and maintains cultures from 12 different agro-ecological zones out of a total of 20 identified for the country, with 450 isolates of mycorrhizal fungi that foster