Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

A Study on Socio-Economic Assessment and Adoption of Scientific Technologies by the Muga Rearers of Assam

Goswami Naba Kumar, Nath Premananda, Saharia Dipankar , 2015

International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 4(2): 349 - 353p.

Aging and the human gut microbiota—from correlation to causality

Saraswati Sitaraman, Sitaraman Ramakrishnan , 2015

Frontier in Microbiology, Vol 5 (Article 764): 1-4p.

An Assessment of Lighting a Billion Lives Program in Karnataka

Gopal Lasya, Rao Swaroop , 2015

MGlRED Journal, Vol 1(1) : 56 - 60p.

An exploratory analysis of occupational accidents and risks from nuclear reactors in India

Goswami Anandajit, Ram Mohan M P , 2015

Safety Science, 78 (2015): 155–162p

An inclusive strategy to trigger solar technology market: Case studies of rural distribution models from Ethiopia

Garimella Arvind, Palit Debajit , Effah Rita , Assefa Etsub , 2015

In: Martina Schafer (ed). Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply: Proceedings of the International Conference: 90-94p.

As Green Delhi Turns Grey

Bandyopadhyay Kaushik Ranjan, Das Kasturi , 2015

Economic & Political Weekly EPW,Vol l (19): 77-78p.

Chitosan–nanohydroxyapatite composites: Mechanical, thermal and bio-compatibility studies

Roy Pratik , Sailaja R R N , 2015

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol 73: 170-181p.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Revisiting Carroll’s Pyramid and The Road Ahead

Mahajan Ritika , 2015

Pacific Business Review International , Vol( 7) 9: 1-13p.

Degradation of chlorpyrifos in tropical rice soils

Das Subhasis, Adhya Tapan K , 2015

Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 152: 36-42p.

Disentangling the ranges: climate policy scenarios for China and India

Hof Andries F., Kumar Atul , Deetman Sebastiaan, Ghosh Sambita, van Vuuren Detlef P. , 2015

Regional Environmental Change , Vol 14(6): 1-6p.