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Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
Improving Sustainable Energy Access among SC/ST households in Chamarajanagar District of Karnataka – A pilot study Department of Science and Technology May 2016
Review of India’s Market Readiness Proposal World Bank May 2016
An ethnobotanical survey of indigenous plants of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and their pharmacological screening for antiulcer potential Department of Biotechnology April 2016
Baseline study to assess the current landscape of education in the privately managed schools of ECL, BCCL, and CCL Coal India Limited April 2016
Capacity building and assessment of energy efficiency and technological options in Bhutan and Indonesia United Nations Envoirnment Programme April 2016
Consultancy services for preparation of DPR's, for commissioning of grid connected Solar RTPV projects on the Rooftop of the Government schools/colleges and other government buildings Bangalore Electricity Supply Company March 2016
Preparation of White papers on developing a road map for achieving 60,000 MW wind power capacity by year 2022 Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association March 2016
Orchid bioresources of North-east India – Conservation, database development and information networking Department of Biotechnology March 2016
Managing natural resource revenue: A systematic review of evidence from natural- resource-rich countries experiencing fragile circumstances Department for International Development March 2016
Study of Assessment of Water Footprints of India's Long Term Energy Scenarios Niti Aayog March 2016