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Watch eminent speakers' addresses at various events of TERI

DSDS14: Mr Kofi Annan - Keynote Address

Mr Kofi Annan, Chairman, Kofi Annan Foundation & Former Secretary-General, United Nations emphasized the need for coherent global policies that keep sustainability at the heart of the development framework. He elaborated on the lack of availability of basic amenities across major population sectors in India and Africa.


Explore the events of TERI in pictures

Introduction to TERI-SDC Biomass Project: 'Accelerated Usage of biomass based clean energy solutions' by Mr Amit Kumar, Adjunct Professor- Sustainable Energy, TERI University   Q & A session in progress during the Workshop on ‘Biomass Gasifier Technology for Glass, Ceramic and Pottery industries in Gujarat’
Eaton's first Sustainability Report in India launched at the Business Leadership for Energy Sustainability in India   Participants at the 'Training Course on GC and HPLC Techniques'
Practical demonstration of instruments: Training Course on GC and HPLC Techniques   Participants at the Stakeholders' Workshop on 'Dissemination of Solar Energy Technologies in Kenya for Rural Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities'
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