With the building sector emerging as one of the major contributors to GHGs, it is imperative that sustainability is mainstreamed in this sector. In 2007, our rating system for green buildings, GRIHA, was adopted as India's national rating system. Our green building advisory has helped design hundreds of future-ready buildings that use less resources and give more to the environment.



  • Sustainable buildings


    Resettling India's urban poor sustainably

    Can participation from the private sector and use of local resources help govt build cost-effective housing for all?

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  • cooling plants


    Energy management controls in cooling plants

    With cooling systems accounting for maximum energy consumption, a monitoring and controlling system can help reduce costs and consumption

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  • sparsh sustainable building


    SPARSH - A life-size green building model

    Watch this video to build your dream green home

  • Research Paper

    Creating framework for climate resilient building materials in Himalayan region

    Sustainability Index of materials will help create affordable housing in geologically sensitive Himalayan region that faces urban development stress

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    city planning

    Project Report

    Planning our cities better to make our houses cooler

    Depleting green cover and a number of high rises have transformed cities into Urban Heat Islands. The report looks into mitigations strategies, as Bengaluru city in focus

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Fellow & Associate Director, Sustainable Buildings, SRC
Senior Fellow & Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat