Brown to Green Report: Global action too little to limit warming to less than 2 degrees

November 15, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Climate

One week before the G20 Summit in Argentina and COP24 in Poland, TERI (as India country partner) with Climate Transparency launch

How do we get there?

August 24, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Energy Efficiency | Energy

TERI has submitted a contribution via the Talanoa Dialogue portal, on the issue of ambition of parties for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Assessing the impact of mechanised road sweepers on reducing road dust

July 16, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Waste | Cities

TERI undertakes first-of-its-kind audit for South Delhi

The Green School, A TATA Steel-TERI initiative

April 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Water | Energy

Discussions to include rethinking education for a transformative change, hands-on learning, the role of corporate initiatives and government

Electric Mobility Paradigm Shift: Capturing the Opportunities

February 16, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Transport

The electrification of road transport sector can be one of the pathways to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, and mitigate vehicular pollution.

Energy Transitions

January 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Energy Transitions

The need for accelerating change towards low-carbon energy systems that enable robust economic development and limit global temperature rise below 2 degree Celsius requires no emphasis.

Development of Molecular Tools For Detecting Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi In The Environment

December 27, 2017
| Ongoing project
| Agriculture

The principal objective of this project is to develop molecular markers for identification of commercially important AMF isolates.

Project STARs: Sustainable Tracking, Action and Reporting in Schools

December 27, 2017
| Ongoing project

Project STARs - a pioneering ESD project in the state of Goa explored the principles of sustainable development through the adoption of the 3C sustainable school concept. It was a three year project (2013-2016) jointly implemented by the Dempo Group of Companies, and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) across 10 schools in Goa.

Life cycle assessment of Hot Mix and Cold Mix technologies for Construction and Maintenance of Rural Roads

December 27, 2017
| Ongoing project
| Transport | Environment | Habitat

The project aims to study these hot mix and CRRI-Bitchem cold mix technology applications for rural road construction and maintenance works in India in order to estimate and compare their life cycle cost, energy consumption, GHG and criteria pollutants generation, material consumption, impacts on safety and health of construction workers and population, road maintenance requirements, and projec

TERI-KAS Background Study on Marine Resources

December 27, 2017
| Ongoing project
| Resource Efficiency & Security

Conducting a background study on 'Reforming Global Architecture of Marine Resource Security: An Indian Perspective'