North-Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati

The North-Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati, works towards achieving sustainable development in the region through research in agriculture, biotechnology, and rural extension services. Over the years, the Centre has created an impact through strong collaborative partnerships with government agencies, civil bodies and community networks.

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  • lighting billion lives


    Assam and the economic costs of climate change

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  • energy access


    Exploring plant biotech in the north-eastern states

    From orchids to medicinal plants to pomology, an overview of how biotechnology has raised the bar for agro-industry in north-east India

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  • micro credit

    Our research focus

    The Centre focusses on agriculture, rural extension services and biotechnology

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  • rural-energy


    Watershed management and development

    An initiative towards conservation and management of natural resources for livelihood generation

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  • Case Study

    RCC check dams boost farmer incomes

    The check dams effectively resolved the problem of crop damage by better management of water supply

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Dr Swapan Kumar Sinha

Area Convenor, Biotechnology

Dr Dipankar Saharia

Director, TERI-North East Centre

Dr Naba Kumar Goswami

Area Convenor, Agricultural and Rural Extension