India's remarkable economic growth in the post liberalisation era has brought benefits to millions of people, but this growth continues to be clouded by severe environmental problems. Our work focuses on creating and promoting a range of products, solutions and policies that reduce the adverse impacts on environment. We have developed innovative solutions for cleaning our air, promoting water use efficiency across sectors and conserving our forests, while enhancing the livelihood of forest dependent communities. We work towards solutions that reduce the generation of waste and promote its reuse and recycle to build a circular economy. Our enduring work with friendly microbes has treated vast acres of polluted land, and water and restored soil and plant health.


Our Focus


  • land degradation


    GOBAR-DHAN - Re-emphasizing India's traditional practices

    Biogas is an easy solution to wet waste, but a sustainable model requires govt subsidy support

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  • vizag air pollution

    Project Report

    10 ways to control air pollution

    The report covers sources of air pollution in parts of northern India and their impact, thereby offering solutions that may be replicated in other regions

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  • mining


    District Mineral Foundations: Sharing mineral revenues with communities

    What are DMFs and what is their role in mining-affected areas?

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