Western Regional Centre, Mumbai

Rapid economic growth, resulting in urbanization and industrial development is often associated with extensive resource utilization and hence requires effective management of natural resources. To address some of the prevalent issues in the western region such as malnourishment, degradation of natural resources, acute energy shortages, and impacts of haphazard urbanization, our centre in Mumbai engages in multidisciplinary, high-impact research and consultancy for international and national agencies. It has thus established a strong network with government organizations, academia, corporates and the workforce active at the grassroots.

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  • research focus Mumbai


    Our Research Focus

    WRC Mumbai is committed to promoting practical solutions and developing local capacity to combat environmental degradation, and promote sustainable development.

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  • kitchen garden


    Know- Grow and Fortify daily food at your own premises

    Against severe malnutrition in Maharashtra, TERI’s model is making communities “food and nutrition sufficient” using local resources

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  • kitchen garden


    Urban farming

    TERI's Eco-city project is helping Navi Mumbai grow organic food at home

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  • overcoming malnutrition


    Overcoming Malnutrition - A Sustainable Model

    It is not just about hunger: the imbalance of nutrition has affected the state of Maharashtra

  • wild edibles


    Traditional uses of wild plants of Maharashtra

    Find out how the tribal communities use the wild plants around them, apart from for food

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Dr Anjali Parasnis

Senior Fellow & Associate Director, Nutritional Security

Ms Roshni George

Project Associate