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Environmental degradation accounts for a large part of India’s disease burden. Our work focuses on establishing and assessing the linkages between environment and public health, particularly the health risks arising from growing pollutants in air, food and water. At the grassroots, we have demonstrated practical and sustainable approaches to overcoming malnutrition in tribal communities by enabling them to grow and consume locally available bioresources.

health and nutrition


  • millets rescue


    Millets to the rescue

    How millets can bail us out of the vulnerability to climate change-related agriculture across the country

  • kitchen garden

    Press Release

    TERI launches first-of-its-kind digital library of wild edibles

    The website hosts critical usable knowledge of 200 plant species rich in nutrition

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  • Research Paper

    Ozone pollution and its health effects in India

    Surface ozone has serious respiratory hazards, and needs to be paid more attention

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Know, grow and fortify daily food at your own premises

Dr Anjali Parasnis

Against severe malnutrition in Maharashtra, TERI's model is making communities "food and nutrition sufficient" using local resources

The Noxious Fumes of Fuel

If you manage to break away from the maddening Delhi traffic for a fuel-refill, don't heave the sigh of relief. In fact, if possible, don’t breathe at all! That is what was revealed when TERI assessed air pollutants at 40 fuel refilling stations or 'petrol pumps' in Delhi.

Exploring linkages between health and climate change

Ms Meena Sehgal

With the direct and indirect impacts on health becoming equally challenging, what are some of the solutions we have


Webinar on Ambient Monitoring of Methane and Management of Fires in Landfills

November 17, 2017
to November 17, 2017

This webinar discussed the procedures for monitoring odour and managing fires at the landfills.

Workshop on "Capacity Building in Environmental Public Health Research"

October 30, 2017
to November 1, 2017


TERI is organizing a Workshop on "Capacity Building in Environmental Public Health Research" supported by Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare from October 30th to November 1st, 2017 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Climate Change and Health Risks: Preparedness for Vector Borne Diseases

July 5, 2017
to July 5, 2017

The discussion focuses on the new capacities that has been built across the country, the on-going activities and plans for moving toward cities free of vector-borne diseases.


Now, an online repository of edible plant species

April 29, 2018 |
April 29, 2018
The Financial Express

TERI has recently launched a first-of-its-kind digital library, which details scientific information of approximately 200 edible plant species of the Western Ghats, home to many native tribal people. The website aims to serve as a guide to both urban and rural communities to address malnutrition issues. Several of the tubers, corns, fruits, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, etc, that are indigenous to the region are important for the food, medicine and chemical industries. However, a large part of the population is unaware about their significance.

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TERI to open food lab, varsity campus in Guwahati

February 15, 2018 |
February 16, 2018

The first state-of-the-art food testing laboratory in entire North East will be coming up in Guwahati within the next year. The food testing laboratory is being built by TERI at its campus in Guwahati and is likely to be operational within one year.

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Estimation of impact of pollution on health uncertain, says TERI

October 24, 2017 |
January 11, 2018
The Pioneer

With extremely high pollutant concentrations, health impacts are expected to be high in India. However, exact estimations still remain uncertain due to dearth of relevant health impact studies, said Mr Sumit Sharma, Associate Director, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI, in a statement. TERI has sought commissioning of studies to ascertain the impact of pollution on health.

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Cooking with cleaner fuels in India: a strategic analysis and assessment

December 7, 2010

The series 'Cooking with cleaner fuels in India: a strategic analysis and assessment' is a collection of four policy briefs that carry findings emanating from a joint research by TERI and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (with support from UNICEF) on healthy cooking fuel options for India. The briefs trace the usage of different fuels in rural and urban households, health implications of using less cleaner cooking fuels, and stakeholder partnerships of governments, funding agencies, industry and consumer groups to accelerate adoption of cleaner cooking fuels.


Fellow, Centre for Waste Management
Associate Director, Nutritional Security