In the post-Paris agreement era, accelerating climate action is the biggest hope to ensure a safe future for all. In India, our work focuses on climate modelling to develop a better understanding of climate variability at regional scales. We study the risks and vulnerabilities of key sectors such as water, health, agriculture and industry. Our work in climate science is inextricably linked to policy research and recommendations for the Indian government to shape its domestic policies, as well as contribute to its position in global negotiations. Through a number of initiatives, we are beginning to extend our knowledge and research in climate science and policy to other emerging economies.



  • climate change uttarakhand


    Adaptation: Finding Untapped Opportunities in Uttarakhand

    The village of Huddu is a fine example of how community farming can offset climate change impact and work in favour of enhanced income even in the toughest of terrains

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    Can micro measures in urban cities offset the impact of heat stress?

    Understanding temperature within and outside our homes may be the key to handling extreme heat in Delhi

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  • climate change video


    Changing Climate Moving People

    What was home once, will only see me as a guest now

  • greenhouse gases


    What are HFCs?

    Know why it is important to control what we created as a solution

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  • Policy Brief

    Significance of the decision at Kigali: Implications for India

    What lies ahead for India as countries undertake the Kigali amendment, and the innovative approaches required to meet the targets

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Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change
Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change