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    Creating Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future  

    Buoyed by more than 40 years of excellence in research and innovation, TERI is poised for future growth with a philosophy that assigns primacy to sustainable development and environmental governance.


    Reviving Lost Paradise: Fortifying Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity Hotspots

    Reviving Lost Paradise:...

    As human needs for resources scale high, we are facing a battle-to save the knowledge of the past.

    Nanopesticides: Sustainable Route to Arresting Crop Loss

    Nanopesticides: Sustainable...

    Nanopesticides are crucial tools for the next generation of sustainable agriculture practices.

    Human Affinities with Indigenous Plants

    Human Affinities with...

    This issue of TerraGreen explores human affinities with indigenous plants in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.


    • Maintaining sanctity of nature

      Singh, Raina | Jun 05,2017

    • Approaches to low carbon development in China and India

      Kedia Shailly | 2017

    • 360 degree: Going green in the time of Trump

      Pahuja, Neha | Jun 11,2017

    • Ganga as a 'Living Person': Will it help?

      Sarkar, S K

      The Hindu Business Line | Jun 22,2017
    • 360 degree: Going green in the time of Trump

      Pahuja, Neha

      The Asian Age | Jun 11,2017
    • Maintaining sanctity of nature

      Singh, Raina

      The Pioneer | Jun 05,2017
    • Approaches to low carbon development in China and...

      Kedia Shailly | 2017

    • Characteristics of the Ozone pollution and its...

      Karthik L Balajee, Sujith... | 2017

    • An Assessment of Ground Water Potential for state...

      Jayasankar Parvathi, Babu M N... | 2017

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    • Second in the series of TERI's annual flagship publication on global sustainable development, People, Planet and Progress Beyond 2015 examines six critical issues of the Planet...

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    • Wonder Waste: A Book on Composting digs deep into the what, why, and how of composting and teaches everything you need to know about this wondrous world of waste and worms.

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    • Anting, preening, imprinting; what do you think these are? Do you know the difference between nidifuguous and nidiculous, or does all that simply sound ridiculous? How Wondrous is...

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    • This book introduces children to the natural world around them, which includes plants, animals, birds, and our surroundings.

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    • This book provides essential and comprehensive knowledge of green energy technologies with different aspects for engineers, technocrats and researchers working in the industry,...

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    • The book compares the legal, financial, economic, industrial, and social behavioural aspects. Out of these aspects, industrial aspect in view of 'environmental management' is...

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    • This is a unique book of its kind for students pursuing their bachelor's or master's degree in petroleum exploration, for professionals from petroleum industry, and those who...

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    • Trash, oil spills, and climate change – these are only few of water’s troubles. Our drinking water supplies are shrinking, even as we continue to use more and more.

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    • Manjul finds a calf has been killed and people are saying that there is a leopard on the loose. While walking through the forest Manjul is cornered by the leopard. However, a...

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    Our Initiatives

    • TERI-UNEP partnership
      TERI is one of the Consortium Partners of the UNEP led Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN).
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    • WSDS

      WSDS is an international platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development.

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    • LaBL

      Lighting a Billion Lives (LaBL) programme aims at bringing light into the lives of billions of rural people by replacing kerosene and paraffin lanterns with affordable solar lighting devices.

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    • TERI Prakriti School
      Developing students into global leaders through sustainable living practices integrated with values and ethics of caring for nature and the world around us.
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    • GRIHA

      India's national green building rating tool that facilitates design, construction and operation of high performance buildings. The rating framework helps measure performance and hence ensures compliance with national codes and standards.

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    • Capacity Building Hub for Sustainable Energy
      A global initiative, under the leadership of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, SE4ALL, has three broad goals - universal energy access, improved energy efficiency, and double the share of renewables.
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    • TERI-CBS

      TERI-CBS is a platform for corporate leaders to address issues related to sustainable development and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance.

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    • TERI University

      Knowledge for Sustainable Development - TERI University commits itself to academic excellence and provides an environment that will encourage both personal and intellectual growth through teaching, creating and sharing knowledge.

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    • EduGreen

      Making environmental learning fun for the young, focused on themes like forestry, energy, water, air pollution, climate change, biotechnology, solid waste.

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    • E-Learn

      TERI University 'E-Learn' aims to share knowledge in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development using innovative learning tools in a virtual environment.

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    • Climate EduXchange

      Climate EduXchange ensures that teachers and students across the country, network and share relevant ideas, initiatives and information on climate change and related issues with the help of various ICT tools.

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    • TERI MDPs

      Management Development Programme designed and developed within the broad ambit of sustainability and energy conservation.

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    • TerraGreen

      Monthly magazine dedicated to disseminating information and knowledge on issues of environment, energy, and sustainable development.

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    • Greenathon - IV

      Campaign aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country to make a difference.

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