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Buoyed by more than 40 years of excellence in research and innovation, TERI is poised for future growth with a philosophy that assigns primacy to sustainable development and environmental governance.


GC appoints Dr Ajay Mathur as Director-General, TERI

The Governing Council (GC) of TERI at its meeting held in Bangalore today took a decision to appoint Dr Ajay Mathur, currently Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India, as the Director General (DG) of TERI. Dr Mathur will take up his new responsibilities as soon as he is in a position to do so... Read more

OASYS South Asia Research Project: Towards Scaling Up of Electricity Access

OASYS South Asia Research...

The book summarizes the outputs of a research project on off-grid electrification, which was conducted with an aim to...

The Value of Engaging Women in the Energy Provisioning Process

The Value of Engaging Women...

This case study exhibits how engaging women in the energy provisioning process creates an empowerment opportunity...


  • Disentangling the ranges: climate policy scenarios for China and India

    Hof Andries F., Kumar Atul , Deetman Sebastiaan, Ghosh Sambita, van Vuuren Detlef P. | 2015

  • An Assessment of Lighting a Billion Lives Program in Karnataka

    Gopal Lasya, Rao Swaroop | 2015

  • Mizoram: Realizing the change

    Gokhale, Yogesh | Aug 01,2015

  • 1st airport in world to go 100% solar is in India

    Upadhyay, Anand

    Clean Technica | Aug 21,2015
  • Mizoram: Realizing the change

    Gokhale, Yogesh

    Business Economics | Aug 01,2015
  • Efficacy Analysis: Assessment of policy instruments for renewable energy

    Renewable Watch | Jul 31,2015
  • Emerging perspectives on environmental burden...

    Tiwary A, Williams I D, Pant... | 2015

  • Motivations for implementing environmental...

    Singh Neelam, Jain Suresh,... | 2015

  • Estimating biomass and carbon mitigation of...

    Wania Akhlaq Amin, Joshi P... | 2015

Featured Projects

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  • Utilising Electricity Access for Poverty Reduction

    Utilising Electricity Access for Poverty Reduction

    TERI, Practical Action Consulting, and Institute of Development Studies of the UK have recently completed a DFID-funded project that aimed to understand the links between electricity access, productive uses of electricity, and poverty reduction.

  • Decentralized Off-Grid Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Business Models for Off-Grid Electricity Supply

    Decentralized Off-Grid Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Business Models for Off-Grid Electricity Supply

    The OASYS South Asia project implemented by TERI and a consortium of research partners aimed to develop a systematic analysis and research foundation to find appropriate local solutions for sustainable rural electricity supply.

  • Campaign on Solar Water Heating and other Renewable Energy Technology in Hospitality sector

    Campaign on Solar Water Heating and other Renewable Energy Technology in Hospitality sector

    The hospitality sector in India is a major consumer of energy in different forms. There is significant scope for direct energy saving as well as energy generation through the installation of solar water heating and other renewable energy technologies.

  • The HighNoon Project

    The HighNoon Project

    In order to anticipate the potential negative effects of changes in water resources availability and demand, implementation of adaptation measures is necessary. Therefore, integrated measures that enhance adaptive capacities of systems need to be identified and strengthened.

  • Introducing the concept of Nutri-gardens to address rural malnutrition by involving KSKs

    Introducing the concept of Nutri-gardens to address rural malnutrition by involving KSKs

    TERI had signed the MoU with IOCL on January 24, 2013 to implement the project entitled "Introducing the concept of Nutri-gardens to address rural malnutrition by involving KSKs (Kisan Seva Kendras)" in the tribal regions of Thane district.

  • Ownership based action oriented afforestation programme

    Ownership based action oriented afforestation programme

    TERI had implemented an "Ownership based and action oriented afforestation programme" for MSRTC officials. The pilot project was implemented at bus depots in Uran, Navi Mumbai and Thane (Urban) along with the Khanivali gram panchayat in Wada, Thane.

  • Rural electrification through biomass gasifier

    Rural electrification through biomass gasifier

    Jemara, a small un-electrified tribal village amidst a dense forest in the Pali block of Korba district, Chhattisgarh, has around 97 households spread across three hamlets. As part of the Ministry of Power's renewable energy programme for rural and remote villages, the NTPC, assigned the task of installing a clean energy-based power system for the region to TERI.

  • Kumaon Vani

    Kumaon Vani

    TERI launched its first Community Radio Station - 'Kumaon Vani' in March 2010. It was established to use radio as a tool to promote sustainable development among the local farming community.

  • An Ecologically Sustainable Transport Solution for the Sundarbans

    An Ecologically Sustainable Transport Solution for the Sundarbans

    The Sundarbans region, a cluster of 104 islands in the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta of which 52 are inhabited, comprises large parts of coastal West Bengal and Bangladesh, and is the largest tidal mangrove forest in the world.

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  • Pari wants to come out of the “Ugly Duckling Syndrome”. So she spends an entire summer trying to lose weight and forgets about her holiday project on the topic “How to make...

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  • The International Journal on Green Growth and Development is an effort to stir a debate around emerging "green" concepts and development. The publication aims at building...

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  • The cover story 'Efficient Energy for a Brighter Future' discusses the current situation with regard to energy efficiency both in the world as well as India. It also examines the...

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  • The third edition of From Sunlight to Electricity: a practical handbook on solar photovoltaic application brings in latest information about photovoltaic sector in India, designs...

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  • Hydro-politics in GBM Basin: The Case of Bangladesh-India Water Relations focuses on the water management issues of Bangladesh and India.

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  • While gadgets have made our lives easier in many ways, they have also led to the emergence of critical issues like e-waste. This book shows how our ever-increasing demand for the...

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  • The book is an invaluable resource for policymakers and institutions in the forestry, wildlife, energy, rural development, and environment sectors. It will also prove beneficial...

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  • The book covers various topics, including economically important livestock breeds, paradigm shifts in livestock production, biotechnology in animal nutrition and in...

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  • Mixing fact and fiction, these thought-provoking and innovative stories are told from the perspective of their young protagonists, namely, Salim, Chika, Pari, and Indrani.

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Our Initiatives

  • Capacity Building Hub for Sustainable Energy
    A global initiative, under the leadership of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, SE4ALL, has three broad goals - universal energy access, improved energy efficiency, and double the share of renewables.
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  • LaBL

    Lighting a Billion Lives (LaBL) programme aims at bringing light into the lives of billions of rural people by replacing kerosene and paraffin lanterns with affordable solar lighting devices.

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    India's national green building rating tool that facilitates design, construction and operation of high performance buildings. The rating framework helps measure performance and hence ensures compliance with national codes and standards.

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  • DSDS

    TERI, since 2001, annually organizes the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), an international platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development.

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  • BCSD

    TERI-BCSD is a platform for corporate leaders to address issues related to sustainable development and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance.

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  • TERI University

    Knowledge for Sustainable Development - TERI University commits itself to academic excellence and provides an environment that will encourage both personal and intellectual growth through teaching, creating and sharing knowledge.

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  • EduGreen

    Making environmental learning fun for the young, focused on themes like forestry, energy, water, air pollution, climate change, biotechnology, solid waste.

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  • E-Learn

    TERI University 'E-Learn' aims to share knowledge in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development using innovative learning tools in a virtual environment.

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  • Climate EduXchange

    Climate EduXchange ensures that teachers and students across the country, network and share relevant ideas, initiatives and information on climate change and related issues with the help of various ICT tools.

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    Management Development Programme designed and developed within the broad ambit of sustainability and energy conservation.

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  • Greenathon - IV

    Campaign aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country to make a difference.

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  • TerraGreen

    Monthly magazine dedicated to disseminating information and knowledge on issues of environment, energy, and sustainable development.

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