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Buoyed by more than 40 years of excellence in research and innovation, TERI is poised for future growth with a philosophy that assigns primacy to sustainable development and environmental governance.


Internal Complaints Committee

The Presiding Officer of the Internal Complaints Committee of TERI, established under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013, received a complaint on February 9, 2015 from a female colleague. After due deliberations the Committee met the complainant on February 17, 2015. The Committee then gave a copy of the complaint to the respondent on the same day. Respondent is given 10 working days to respond. Read more

The International Journal on Green Growth & Development

The International Journal on...

The Journal is an effort to stir a debate around emerging 'green' concepts and development.

The Energy Security Outlook

The Energy Security Outlook

A comprehensive energy security document on India which provides an analysis of salient energy issues in the country and evaluates critical choices facing the country.


  • Modi govt's decision to hike rail fares is a move in the right direction

    Pachauri, R K | Jul 03,2014

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    Kumar, Amit | Jun 11,2014

  • What the BRICS bank must achieve

    Ghosh, Prodipto | Jul 15,2014

  • Conservation is neither trivial, nor absolute

    Conservation is neither trivial, nor absolute

    Ghosh, Prodipto

    The Hindustan Times | Jan 25,2015
  • Introducing the International Journal on Green Growth and Development

    Introducing the International Journal on Green Growth and Development

    Kedia, Shailly; Anand, Manish

    Green Growth Knowledge Platform, Insights blog | Jan 23,2015
  • Let's clear the air with more renewables

    Let's clear the air with more renewables

    Pachauri, R K

    The Hindustan Times | Jan 23,2015
  • Emerging perspectives on environmental burden...

    Tiwary A, Williams I D, Pant... | 2015

  • Motivations for implementing environmental...

    Singh Neelam, Jain Suresh,... | 2015

  • Estimating biomass and carbon mitigation of...

    Wania Akhlaq Amin, Joshi P... | 2015

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  • The International Journal on Green Growth and Development is an effort to stir a debate around emerging 'green' concepts and development.

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  • Learn about potential of Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization as innovative energy technology towards a sustainable energy future, various techniques of carbon dioxide...

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  • The Story of Computer takes you on a journey spanning the invention of a simple abacus to the evolution of a range of hi-tech computers. It also educates you on making smart green...

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  • Pollution as we know is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the environment. Environmental Pollution and Health expounds the three...

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  • The issue of TERI Energy & Environment Data Directory and Yearbook, or TEDDY, gives an annual overview of the developments in the energy supplying and consuming sectors as well as...

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  • Today, we can travel across the world in very short periods of time through fast-moving vehicles. It was not possible a few decades ago. But have you ever wondered how this became...

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  • What's common between a cardboard box and the tissues inside it? They are both made of paper! But have you ever wondered where paper comes from? The Story of Paper takes you on a...

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  • Food is our basic necessity. But have you ever wondered where it comes from? Why different foods taste different? Besides answering these questions, The Story of Food also travels...

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  • On 26 December 2004, while the world was resting after celebrating Christmas, tsunami struck the Indian Ocean and took Andaman & Nicobar Islands under its spell. Chika, the little...

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  • Why Should I Recycle? helps us understand the principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to ensure that we play our part in making the world a cleaner, healthier, and better place.

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  • Hydrogen Economy discusses the strategies and roadmaps of introducing hydrogen as the alternate source of fuel for sustainable development. The book examines the link between...

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  • Most of us lead careless lifestyles that keep adding to environmental pollution. Carbon Footprint: reducing it for a better tomorrow takes an in-depth and critical look at our...

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  • Science and Business of Carbon Forestry is a comprehensive guide on biodiversity, conservation and development, and regulation-related issues relevant to forests.

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Our Initiatives

  • LaBL

    Lighting a Billion Lives (LaBL) programme aims at bringing light into the lives of billions of rural people by replacing kerosene and paraffin lanterns with affordable solar lighting devices.

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    India's national green building rating tool that facilitates design, construction and operation of high performance buildings. The rating framework helps measure performance and hence ensures compliance with national codes and standards.

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  • DSDS

    TERI, since 2001, annually organizes the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), an international platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development.

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  • BCSD

    TERI-BCSD is a platform for corporate leaders to address issues related to sustainable development and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance.

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  • TERI University

    Knowledge for Sustainable Development - TERI University commits itself to academic excellence and provides an environment that will encourage both personal and intellectual growth through teaching, creating and sharing knowledge.

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  • EduGreen

    Making environmental learning fun for the young, focused on themes like forestry, energy, water, air pollution, climate change, biotechnology, solid waste.

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  • E-Learn

    TERI University 'E-Learn' aims to share knowledge in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development using innovative learning tools in a virtual environment.

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  • Climate EduXchange

    Climate EduXchange ensures that teachers and students across the country, network and share relevant ideas, initiatives and information on climate change and related issues with the help of various ICT tools.

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    Management Development Programme designed and developed within the broad ambit of sustainability and energy conservation.

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  • Greenathon - IV

    Campaign aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country to make a difference.

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  • TerraGreen

    Monthly magazine dedicated to disseminating information and knowledge on issues of environment, energy, and sustainable development.

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