Today, about 30% of the Earth's land is estimated to be already degraded due to unsustainable use. This further leads to the risk of millions of people being displaced by desertification over the coming decades. We focus on policy and technology solutions that prevent land degradation, restore and further enrich the quality of land, thereby improving livelihoods of people.



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    Press Release

    Social Impact Assessment needs to be stringently followed to ensure development is sustainable: TERI

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    Slick Solution: Get eco-friendly microbes to chew oil-spills

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    Case Study

    Modeling the Economics of Grassland Degradation in Banni, India

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    Case Study

    Losing the benefits of forests to degradation?

    The study examines the value of Uttarakhand's forests to local communities and to tourists

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    Project Report

    Study on Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought (DLDD) in India

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District Mineral Foundations: Sharing mining revenues with communities

Ms Joyita Ghose

Five key things you should know about District Mineral Foundations, the local institutions established in mineral producing states to share mining revenues with affected communities.

What is India losing by not conserving its land?

An assessment of the costs of land degradation in six different parts of India


Preserve natural resources, promote farming

March 1, 2018
| Dr Shilpanjali Deshpande Sarma
| The Tribune

Tackling the agrarian crisis from its roots necessitates attention to the important aspect of the neglect and degradation of natural resources, the natural capital that underlies all agriculture production systems.