Mission and Goals


TERI's mission is to usher transitions to a cleaner and sustainable future through the conservation and efficient use of Earth's resources and innovative ways of minimizing and reusing waste.

Mission and Goals

Our Goals

We pursue our mission by working towards the following key goals:

  • Enhancing access to clean energy for all
  • Helping a global transition to renewable energy pathways
  • Enhance energy efficiency, especially in industries, public utilities and buildings
  • Facilitating more efficient use of materials, especially iron and cement
  • Enhancing conservation, utilization of and access to water, including watershed management
  • Enabling the planning and governance of environmentally sustainable cities through green buildings and through management of solid waste, sewage, sanitation, mobility and air quality
  • Building resilience to adverse impacts of climate change due to cyclones and variations in hy-drology and temperature
  • Accelerating pollution abatement through innovative policies and environment treatment products
  • Enhancing ecosystem services, especially in forestry and biodiversity
  • Developing green mobility solutions
  • Enabling sustainable food production and nutritional security through quality planting material, bio-based agricultural inputs and crop diversification
  • Developing innovative solutions for clean air, regionally and in cities

Our Methods

Our success of over four decades is a result of a multitude of approaches:

  • Interdisciplinary and integrated research and analyses
  • Evidence and data based decision making
  • Taking solutions from lab to pilot and field scale
  • Early validation of business models
  • Enhancing livelihood through new technologies and practices
  • Policy advisory and consultancy
  • Education and outreach to influence decisions and consumer behavior
  • Capacity building and handholding of stakeholders
  • Partnerships across stakeholders, nationally and internationally

Our Promise

In all the work that we do, we fulfill one or more of the following promises:

  • Increasing sustainable inputs
  • Promoting resource use efficiency
  • Reducing adverse impacts on environment and climate
  • Increasing access to basic services
  • Upscaling and enhancing uptake of resource efficient and waste management solutions