Thermal gasifiers to the rescue of MSME energy needs

21 May 2018 | Mr Sunil Dhingra

Biomass gasifiers are a clean and cost-effective renewable energy source for the MSME sector in India

Can the technology behind Bitcoin aid transition to renewable energy?

18 May 2018 | Mr G Gurprasad

In the transition to renewable energy, blockchain technology can enable decentralised energy distribution, monitoring and trading

GOBAR-DHAN - Re-emphasizing India's traditional practices

10 May 2018 | Mr Kaushik Chandrasekhar

Biogas is an easy solution to wet waste, but a sustainable model requires govt subsidy support

Solar rooftops: A Delhi neighbourhood takes the leap

08 May 2018 | Mr Shirish S Garud

Initiative: A 100 KW rooftop solar plant inaugurated in Dwarka, New Delhi as part of Solar City initiative by GIZ, BRPL, and TERI

How they won an all-expenses paid internship to New Zealand

30 Apr 2018 | Ms Aastha Manocha

From energy-saving software to coloured beads that ensure children do not miss out on their vaccinations, this competition had it all

Action for change - Creating environmental awareness

30 Apr 2018 | Ms Livleen K Kahlon

A reorientation towards Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is essential for the next generation

Fighting Plastics: Is ban the way ahead?

20 Apr 2018 | Mr Kaushik Chandrasekhar

Capacity of the local governments to impose a ban ensuring the necessary monitoring mechanism remains a challenge

Energy efficiency and renewables' share up, so is air pollution and untreated waste

12 Apr 2018 | Ms Aastha Manocha

Latest data in energy and environment paints a favourable picture of the status of renewable energy in India, energy supply and demand

Clean cooking challenges in rural India

09 Apr 2018 | Amit Kumar

Complete penetration of clean cooking fuel and cookstoves in rural India requires a multi-pronged approach


Exploring linkages between health and climate change

06 Apr 2018 | Ms Meena Sehgal

With the direct and indirect impacts on health becoming equally challenging, what are some of the solutions we have