Can the technology behind Bitcoin aid transition to renewable energy?

Blockchain technology can enable decentralised energy distribution, monitoring and trading

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Research Paper

Ozone pollution and its health effects in India Surface ozone has serious respiratory hazards, and needs to be paid more attention

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Research Paper

The science behind award-winning methane generation tech TERI recently won an award for its in-situ generation of methane from coal bed through microbial intervention

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EU India air quality initiative 21st-22nd May, 2018 | Hotel Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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  • TERI: A journey of promoting sustainability over four decades

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  • life on land


    A stitch in time - Energy for all

    A call to action to change our ways and spare the earth

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    2018 National Clean Air Crowdsourcing Competition

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  • Video

    Story of informal transport in India

    Capturing the diversity, inevitability, neglect, nuisance, innovativeness and vibrancy of India's informal public transport

  • Policy Brief

    Understanding vulnerabilities using a hotspot approach

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    Solar rooftops: A Delhi neighbourhood takes the leap

    A 100 KW rooftop solar plant was inaugurated in Dwarka, New Delhi as part of the Solar City initiative

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    Thermal gasifiers to the rescue of MSME energy needs

    Biomass gasifiers are a clean and
    cost-effective renewable energy source for MSMEs

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  • Publication

    Environment Chronicles II: The best of TerraGreen

    A panoramic sweep of all that ails the environment today, and the solutions

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We have developed strong collaborations for accelerating change


Energy Transitions Commission India: Enabling de-carbonization in India

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TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre: Creating innovative solutions for agriculture and environment

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Digital library of wild edibles in Western Ghats

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Project Report