Ongoing Projects

Developing a recycling plan for old solar PVs

December 27, 2017
| Energy
| Renewable Energy

The project is to study challenges in the inter-connection of solar PV based microgrid with distribution grids and develop standardized architecture/road map to accelerate the solar PV based microgrid development in India and Develop a recycling plan for solar PV module and new battery technology used in microgrids applications.

Influence of clouds and atmospheric aerosols on solar radiations - India and Finland

December 27, 2017
| Energy
| Renewable Energy

The project aims to improve information on the behaviour of solar radiation and how it translates into electricity production. The main scientific objectives of the proposed research are 1.Getting a better understanding atmospheric aerosols in India, in particular their wavelength-dependent absorption of solar radiation 2. Develop a method to forecast solar radiation a few hours ahead based on satellite cloud observations; 3. Develop a method to forecast solar radiation a day or two ahead based on an aerosol forecast; 4.

Analyzing implications of land-use-change coupled with climate change on surface runoff using a hydrological model: Case study of Goa

November 6, 2017
| Climate
| Adaptation

The overall objective for the proposed work is to assess the impact of the land-use-change and projected climatic changes on the near surface hydrology across a watershed in Goa. The specific objectives of the proposed work are to: 1. Develop a modelling protocol that couples future climate data for different scenarios with a hydrologic model simulating stream flow; 2. Apply the modelling protocol to the study area on the watershed scale. Calibrate and validate the model for the proposed study area;

Evaluation of modelling techniques for air quality management in Delhi

November 5, 2017
| Air

The project aims to use established modelling techniques for spatial mapping of air pollutants in the city of Delhi using the data of existing monitoring stations. The spatial maps will provide information about air pollutant levels in all locations of the city. This will help in identification of air pollution hotspots in the city in order to take corrective actions. The project also aims to test the air quality models for forecasting at certain locations, which will help in generating public advisories.

Circular Economy: A Business Imperative for India

November 1, 2017
| Resource efficiency

The report provides insights and perspectives on how policy and businesses have to come together towards closing the loop. The report presents specific opportunities in four sectors that are cornerstones to the Indian economy – Agriculture, Automotive, Construction and Electronic & Electricals. These sectors have high potential for growth and are assessed for benefits accrued by adopting circular economy.

Developing energy efficient technology compendium for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) sector

September 1, 2017
| Energy Efficiency

The project aims to (1) Conduct energy audit of six EAF units (2) Develop a technology package compendium 'Energy efficient technology packages for electric arc furnace', and (3) Develop a booklet 'Ready reckoner on energy efficient technology packages for electric arc furnace'.

Capacity building of LSPs under GEF-UNIDO-BEE project in Ceramic and Dairy sectors

September 1, 2017
| Energy
| Renewable Energy

The aim of the project is to develop and promote a market environment for introducing energy inefficiencies and enhanced use of renewable energy technologies in process applications in 12 selected energy-intensive MSME clusters in India with expansion to more clusters later. This is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of units, as well as to reduce overall carbon emissions and improve the local environment.

Brahmaputra Symposium: Knowledge beyond Disciplines

August 21, 2017

Brahmaputra River Symposium 2017 is structured around the theme Knowledge Beyond Borders.

Energy Pricing in India: A study on subsidies and taxes

August 18, 2017
| Energy
| Renewable Energy
| Energy Transitions

The mian objectives of this study are to: 1. Identify the taxes and subsidies on the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors in India; 2. Understand and evaluate the overall tax and its impact on energy prices and the impact of change in the tax structure on the growth of different sectors and the overall economy.

Transforming Energy Access in South Asia and Africa towards renewable

August 1, 2017
| Energy
| Energy Access

This research and innovation programme will deliver new technologies and robust evidence on the critical barriers hampering systemic change and scaling up energy access, working with Southern researchers and entrepreneurs, to drive locally relevant innovation and delivery. This will have a transformative impact on deploying renewable energy solutions in developing countries, especially in South Asia and Africa.