Ongoing Projects

Support to Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Distribution Company Limited (MPMKDCL) in implementing rooftop solar power plants

March 14, 2017
| Renewable Energy

The MP government has desired the MPMKDCL to support the installation of 10 MW additional rooftop solar plants in the state. Following a MPMKDCL request, the MNRE has sanctioned 10 MW capacity to MPMKDCL and desired the German Development Cooperation to extend its support.

In this effort, TERI is providing consultancy services to the German Development Cooperation to supporting implementation of the rooftop solar power plants in the DISCOM’s network.

Facilitate the preparation of People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) documentation for Chorao - Madel Village

March 10, 2017
| Environment

A PBR is a document that records status of local biodiversity, landscape, waterscape elements and relationships of various user-groups with these ¿ essentially from a (local) people¿s perspective. The preparation of a PBR for Chorao would entail the vigorous involvement of the local community members through the formation of a Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC), with support from the concerned government bodies and departments and technical expertise. The PBR is a database of traditional knowledge and intellectual property of the local rural community on biological resources.

Development of intumescent fire retardant (IFR) nano-composites for medium voltage cable sheathing applications

February 28, 2017
| Environment

In this study, polyolefinic nanocomposites of PP/EVA/EPDM, HDPE/EVA/EPDM and LLDPE/HDPE/EVA/EPDM will be developed. The APP used will be grafted with silane based POSS product to improve its hydrophobicity. Nanoclay and MWCNT will also be grafted with POSS after functionalization. These modified nanoparticles will be used along with modified APP to enhance fire retardancy properties. These additives will be optimized for both mechanical properties and fire retardancy characteristics. Compatibilizing additives will also be added to enhance interfacial adhesion.

Ethnobotanical survey for antiulcer drug

February 13, 2017
| Environment
| Microbes
| Farm livelihood
| Agriculture

This project will select the medicinal plants of traditional use on ethno-botanical survey of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for their biological screening of anti-ulcer activity in experimental animals. This will help find possible anti-ulcer drugs from the indigenous medicinal plants of Northeast.

Role of Natural Gas in India’s Energy Markets

January 31, 2017
| Energy
| Energy Transitions

The main objective of this study is to understand the potential for natural gas in India's energy mix in the future as its role in India's electricity sector. The project aims to identify and quantify hurdles along the entire supply chain; assess solutions from international experiences which can be replicated; analyse the cost economics of using gas in the electricity sector vis-a-vis other fuels and recommend changes that will enable 15% contribution from natural nas in India's energy mix in 2030.

Technical Assistance to the Resource Efficiency Initiative (REI) of the European Union

January 27, 2017
| Resource efficiency
| Resource Efficiency & Security

TERI will contribute to the achievement of the following: An assessment of India's current and future needs for resources and strategies and action plans for resource efficiency are prepared and implemented for key sectors of interest; Partnerships are established between European and Indian businesses and stakeholders on resource efficiency in sectors of interest; awareness is raised on the need for resource efficient approaches in India among key government and non-governmental organisations, business establishments, students, media and the general public through promotion of European Uni

Assessing impact of developmental activities on the lakes of Hyderabad

January 23, 2017
| Water
| Environment

The proposed scope of work for the study includes the following:

A secondary-data-based preliminary baseline assessment of current water use practices in selected water intensive industries (viz. thermal power plants, textile, pulp and paper, and steel industries) in India.

Integrated Modelling Study of Food-Energy-Water-Food nexus in India

January 19, 2017
| Agriculture
| Energy
| Environment
| Energy Transitions

The food-energy-water nexus in India would be examined using scenario analysis using MARKAL and the integrated agricultural water use models. The work would form part of the Sustainable Growth Working Group with the NITI Aayog and other policy think tanks in India. The findings would be disseminated to key government departments.

Clean energy for 1000 households in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh

January 17, 2017
| Energy Access

The main objectives of this project are to:

- Provide clean cooking and lighting facilities for 1000 households spread over 15-20 rural villages of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh to address domestic energy issues;

- Conduct local capacity-building programmes for all individual end-users, local technicians and cluster-level energy entrepreneurs; and

- Promote local ownership and entrepreneurship for sustainable operations as well as long-term impact of the project.

Providing clean energy services through IDES to rural communities under the CSR initiative of AIC India Limited

January 17, 2017
| Energy
| Energy Transitions
| Renewable Energy

The project aims to provide clean lighting and cooking solution in different villages in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and west bengal. The project will be implemented with the help of CSR funding of Agriculture Insurance Corporation of India