Ongoing Projects

Creating an integrated resource efficiency policy for India - with public input

January 27, 2019
| Resource Efficiency & Security

TERI prepared the 'Reference Document towards Developing an Integrated Resource Efficiency Policy for India' in consultation with the Resource Efficiency Cell of the MoEFCC

Shifting to cycling can result in an annual savings of up to 1.6% of India’s GDP

January 11, 2019
| Transport

Cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation. It has numerous benefits in the form of zero dependence on fossil fuels, zero emissions and pollution, health benefits from increased physical activity, besides being an affordable means of mobility for low-income households.

Coalition for Agricultural Profi­tability and Sustainability

December 28, 2018
| Agriculture

The Coalition for Agricultural Profitability and Sustainability (CAPS) acts as a platform to bring together key stakeholders from the agricultural sector. The aim is to enable transition to a profi­table and sustainable agricultural system that also addresses concerns about nutrition and its impacts on health.

Brown to Green Report: Global action too little to limit warming to less than 2 degrees

November 15, 2018
| Climate

One week before the G20 Summit in Argentina and COP24 in Poland, TERI (as India country partner) with Climate Transparency launch the fourth edition of Brown to Green Report. The report provides world’s most comprehensive annual review of G20 climate action.

How do we get there?

August 24, 2018
| Energy Efficiency
| Energy

TERI has submitted a contribution via the Talanoa Dialogue portal, on the issue of ambition of parties for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Assessing the impact of mechanised road sweepers on reducing road dust

July 16, 2018
| Waste
| Cities

TERI undertakes first-of-its-kind audit for South Delhi

A major concern of air pollution in Delhi is the road dust that is generated as suspended particles during cleaning the roads. Traditionally, sweeping of roads is done manually, which causes the dust to remain floating in the air for some time, thus increasing the amount of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the air.

The Green School, A TATA Steel-TERI initiative

April 1, 2018
| Water
| Energy

Discussions to include rethinking education for a transformative change, hands-on learning, the role of corporate initiatives and government schemes

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Electric Mobility Paradigm Shift: Capturing the Opportunities

February 16, 2018
| Transport

The electrification of road transport sector can be one of the pathways to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, and mitigate vehicular pollution. While there are several technologies like hybrid EV, plug-in hybrid vehicles, all electric/battery EV and fuel cell vehicles that can help achieve these objectives, this paper focuses only on all-electric/battery EV, with specific attention to passenger vehicles only.

The Saubhagya effect on power distribution utilities: A report

February 12, 2018
| Energy Access

A study to highlight the real and perceived implications on power distribution companies due to the large-scale intensification of rural electrification in India

Report Authors: Bigsna Gill, Astha Gupta and Debajit Palit

Energy Transitions

January 1, 2018
| Energy Transitions

The need for accelerating change towards low-carbon energy systems that enable robust economic development and limit global temperature rise below 2 degree Celsius requires no emphasis. The Government of India has launched one of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy programmes, with the goal of achieving 175 GW of renewable capacity by the end of Financial Year (FY) 2021-22.