Respiratory signs and symptoms of a rural subpopulation in India: What do they tell us?

Sehgal Meena, Gautam Sumit Kumar, Gaine Tanushree, Manna Sayak, Bhattacharjee Samresh, Krishnan Anand
Environment Conservation Journal, Vol 17(3): 57-65p

The study estimated the prevalence of chronic respiratory conditions among the cooks exposed to the burning of solid biomass cooking fuel. Questionnaire-based survey and lung function tests were administered to capture the self-reported respiratory health symptoms and lung health respectively. The estimated prevalence of chronic bronchitis was 3.14%,4.84%, 7.09%, 10.91% for 26–35, 36–45, 46–55, 56–65 years age group respectively. Obstructive lung disease wasobserved in 5.4%, 4.6%, 7.1%, and 13.5% of respondents for age groups 26–35, 36–45, 46–55, 56–65 year respectively and 6% over all ages (p value

Biomass cooking fuel
Pulmonary function test