Survey: Mapping people’s perception of pollution

04 Apr 2017 30 Jun 2017


The objective of the project is to produce an analytical paper, which shall include base information and guiding questions for expert consultation related to a comprehensive mapping of air quality in India: - Produce a discussion paper containing base information and guiding questions for expert consultation - Carry out expert stakeholder consultation based on the discussion paper - Revise the paper based on experts input - Select at least two (2) outside experts to review the paper - Finalize the paper based on the reviews from outside experts - Submit the final paper to EDF

As per a TERI perception study, people in both rural and urban areas believe that enhancement of public transport should be prioritized in government policies to control the air pollution. Know more about our work on transport sector.

perception survey
Key: A. Clean Air Mission; B. Encourage waste to energy conversion; C. Encouraging car pool; D. Enhancement electric mobility; E. Enhancement of public transport; F. Enhancement of the use of renewable energy; G. Improved automobile engine technology; H. Introduction of clean fuel in automobile; I. Introduction of cleaner industrial process; J. Introduction of congestion pricing; K. Public awareness building; L. Strengthening the Pollution Under Control (PUC) programme
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