Will Donald Trump's anti-climate stance stop India's actions? No, it won't

03 Jun 2017 |
| Business Standard

The absence of the US leadership would delay actions to address climate change in that country itself, as well as in other countries to reduce global emissions and to adapt to the adverse impacts of the climate change that has already occurred, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI.

Is Decentralized Waste-Water Treatment And Reuse System The Way Forward For India's Tail-End Sanitation Challenge?

17 May 2017 |
Dr Girija K Bharat
| NDTV Swachh India

There is an urgent need for effective legal and policy framework for improved management of wastewater treatment, say Mr Ankit Tulsyan, Detail Oriented Sustainable Development Professional and Dr Girija K Bharat, Senior Consultant, TERI.

Is consumer's willingness to pay a key factor?

16 May 2017 |
Mr Debajit Palit
Ms Bigsna Gill
| Policy Pulse Magazine

Understanding electricity demand, its pricing and willingness to pay by consumers for electricity services has always been tricky and a matter of debate, both in India as well as globally, say Mr Dabajit Palit, Associate Director and Ms Bigsna Gill, Area Convenor, Social Transformation Division, TERI.

Get real

24 Apr 2017 |
Ms Raina Singh
| Financial Chronicle

The global discourse on climate resilient cities has shown that it is possible to minimise risks, says Ms Raina Singh, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

Set up wetlands to cure wastewater

21 Apr 2017 |
Ms Sonia Grover
Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla
| Deccan Herald

The potential for achieving improved water quality while creating a valuable wildlife habitat has led to a growing interest in the use of constructed wetlands, say Ms Sonia Grover, Associate Fellow and Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla, Research Associate, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Sharing the Teesta

04 Apr 2017 |
| The Statesman

The Teesta river is a highly emotive issue on both sides of the border. There is need for interaction at the level of experts outside the Governments from both countries to demystify the issue, and for the flow-back of suggestions to the respective Governments, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Senior Director, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Reviving traditional water bodies is essential for smart cities

31 Mar 2017 |
Ms Sonia Grover
Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla
| DailyO

India's history is witness to how well-planned cities of our ancient civilisation were equipped with outstanding systems of water harvesting and drainage, say Ms Sonia Grover, Associate Fellow and Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla, Research Associate, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Learning the art of architecture

30 Mar 2017 |
| Ms Chitrangada Bisht
| The Pioneer

To make sustainable and high performance buildings, the right combination of passive and active design strategies must be used to minimise resource use, says Ms Chitrangada Bisht, Programme Manager & Area Convenor, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment Council, Sustainable Habitat division, TERI.

Does India need a new forest policy?

21 Mar 2017 |
Dr Pia Sethi
| The Hindustan Times

A new forest policy provides an opportunity to keep pace with the times, recognise important milestones in Indian forestry such gram sabha-based governance, the role of community-owned and managed areas or issues such as biodiversity lying outside protected areas, says Dr Pia Sethi, Fellow, Forestry & Biodiversity division, TERI.

Even Waste Water Shouldn't Be Wasted

18 Mar 2017 |
| The Hindu Business Line

Waste water is not just an ecological imperative, it opens up business opportunities as well, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Director, Water Resources division, TERI.