Restoring public trust: from regulation to a social license

08 Sep 2018 |
Ms Joyita Ghose
Dr Preeti Jain Das
| Business World

The challenge for policy makers is to create a regulatory framework that makes socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable resource development projects the norm, rather than the exception, says Ms Joyita Ghose, Associate Fellow, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division and Dr Preeti Jain Das, Senior Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Measure and Manage Health Better

31 Aug 2018 |
Ms Meena Sehgal
| ET Health World

The upcoming National Family Health Survey could expand to include new and emerging problems, and assess what hits the population health and productivity the hardest, says Ms Meena Sehgal, Fellow, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

Four Ps to power energy access

29 Aug 2018 |
Mr Amit Kumar
| Financial Express

While digital divide has become a common topic, discourse on universal energy access is still limited to practitioners and policy-makers, besides those who are at the receiving end, says Mr Amit Kumar, Senior Director, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI

Floods in India: Is it weather or maladaptation to climate change?

23 Aug 2018 |
Mr Prasoon Singh
| Hindustan Times

Steps need to be taken for river and watershed management through an integrated approach. Often these approaches involve both hard engineering solutions and ecologically sustainable soft solutions, says Mr Prasoon Singh, Associate Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Supplementing the grid with solar to make 'Power for All' a reality in rural India

07 Aug 2018 |
Mr Debajit Palit
| ET Energy World

The right suite of design solutions and delivery models with innovative financial support mechanisms has the potential for distributed solar to complement the centralised grid and support the Indian government's goal of Power for All by 2022, says Mr Debajit Palit, Associate Director, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI.

Why energy should be in GST

05 Aug 2018 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| Business Standard

Steep taxes on petrol and diesel add to the cost of economic activity and reduce the Indian economy’s competitiveness. The two fuels must be brought under GST's purview, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, Director-General's Office, TERI.

Monsoon floods will only get worse in India. This is what can be done to help

04 Aug 2018 |
Mr Prasoon Singh
| Daily O

The estimated loss from floods accounts for $7 billion each year in the country, says Mr Prasoon Singh, Associate Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Firming up principles of water sharing

24 Jul 2018 |
Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar
| The Hindu Business Line

Invoking settled international rules, the apex court guidelines are key to resolving water allocation to various States, says Dr S K Sarkar, Senior Director, Water Resources Policy and Management Division, TERI.

E-waste processing: A problem of scale

18 Jul 2018 |
Dr Suneel Pandey
| The Financial Express

India benefits from having a fewer number of e-waste processing units, but of much larger capacity and closer to generation hotspots, says Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI

How India can use Information Technology for universal electricity access

04 Jul 2018 |
Mr Martand Shardul
| ET Energy World

Enhanced interaction between data-science based IT systems and the electricity delivery systems will revolutionize the delivery of services, says Mr Martand Shardul, Associate Fellow, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI.