Water-food-energy nexus in India

15 Jun 2018

In these times of agriculture crisis and falling water tables, it is important to rework policies to better address key challenges in the irrigation-power space

Chennai is learning the art of solid waste management

15 Jun 2018

City authority's efforts towards improved waste segregation and management are poised to reap results

Consumer is king in ensuring resource efficiency in India

03 Jun 2018

A panel discussion on Enabling Ecosystem for Sustainable Choices and Consumer Engagement

Solar rooftops - the affordable renewable energy option

31 May 2018

Installing a solar PV system offers multiple environmental and economic benefits

Energy efficiency & India: The possibilities ahead

29 May 2018

A TERI analysis of energy efficiency in India by modelling two scenarios

Thermal gasifiers to the rescue of MSME energy needs

21 May 2018

Biomass gasifiers are a clean and cost-effective renewable energy source for the MSME sector in India

Can the technology behind Bitcoin aid transition to renewable energy?

18 May 2018

In the transition to renewable energy, blockchain technology can enable decentralised energy distribution, monitoring and trading

GOBAR-DHAN - Re-emphasizing India's traditional practices

10 May 2018

Biogas is an easy solution to wet waste, but a sustainable model requires govt subsidy support

Solar rooftops: A Delhi neighbourhood takes the leap

08 May 2018

Initiative: A 100 KW rooftop solar plant inaugurated in Dwarka, New Delhi as part of Solar City initiative by GIZ, BRPL, and TERI