We need to mine in India to Make in India

08 Aug 2018

Mining in India has to be guided by perspectives based on minerals security and sustainable development

Storm Havoc: Better to worry now than regret later

06 Aug 2018

Natural events are no more a national concern; rising impact requires international collaborations

Commercial coal mining: Good news for increased coal production?

06 Aug 2018

The opening of coal sector in India for commercial mining may not be the panacea for increased production

The women of Ujjwala

03 Aug 2018 | Ms Kavya Bajaj

Evaluating the Ujjwala scheme through the lens of women empowerment and gender equality

Distributed renewable energy transforms women’s lives in rural Bihar

25 Jul 2018

TERI-JEEViKA create market for clean energy access at the bottom of the pyramid; light up 50,000 households through self-help groups in Bihar

Creating the charging infrastructure to power EVs in India

25 Jul 2018

Charging stations for EVs can help drive demand for the sector's growth in the country

Replacing Bengaluru's auto fleet with electric autos will clean up the air and save LPG

24 Jul 2018

TERI study suggests 1200 tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted daily from total fleet of auto rickshaws in Bengaluru

Nagaland uninterrupted

12 Jul 2018

Civil society conservation groups receive special recognition at Government of India-UNDP India Biodiversity Awards 2018

Clean cooking in India: Will methanol cookstoves work?

11 Jul 2018

Factors like access are important while considering clean cooking fuels for the masses

The Green School project - the journey begins for phase 2

04 Jul 2018

A task force meet for Tata Steel SPOCs was held for monitoring and evaluation of The Green School project