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  • China, India may raise fuel prices, joining Indonesia

    1 September 2005| The Financial Express

    Refiners in China and India, where fuel prices are set by the government, are lobbying for price increases to end losses from processing oil. "Customers have to pay", Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI, said in a telephone interview from Geneva yesterday. "People will have to drive less. They will have to be more judicious about their spending".

  • Bus system improvements panacea for South Asia

    1 September 2005| The Times of India

    TERI has undertaken a study of three key cities of South Asia – Bangalore, Dhaka, and Colombo. According to TERI study 'A pathway to sustainability: tale of three South Asian cities', compared with urban transport systems dominated by private vehicles, properly managed bus-dominated systems result in much less traffic congestion, lower energy use and emissions as has been demonstrated in results in three cities.

  • More energy for ethanol and biodiesel

    1 September 2005| Business Standard

    It would help greatly if the government uses the competencies of various lobbies as well neutral experts. This would bring together the oil industry, sugar/ethanol manufacturers, agriculture and silviculture experts, the various ministries, aided by consultants capable of using sound project management to assess all available material, such as Planning Commission's Report on Biofuels 2003, inputs from TERI, IISc, Winrock International, etc.