Efficient management of waste disposal sites can curb air pollution

14 Nov 2018 |
Dr Suneel Pandey
| Hindustan Times

The practical way to deal with such legacy dumpsites, which are a source of local air pollution and fire accidents, is to stabilise the slopes. We must start recovering the landfill gas and then either flaring or harvesting it to be used as a potential fuel, says Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment & Waste Management Division, TERI.

Improved inspection and maintenance for vehicles will make our air breathable

12 Nov 2018 |
Ms Anju Goel
Mr Jai Kishan Malik
| Hindustan Times

While there are multiple sources including biomass burning, industries, power plants and agriculture residue burning that are responsible for the deteriorating air quality, the transport sector is among the biggest contributors to air pollution, say Dr Anju Goel, Fellow, and Mr Jai Kishan Malik, Research Associate, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Reducing construction dust will help clean Delhi

09 Nov 2018 |
Ms Sonia Rani
| Hindustan Times

Extraordinary efforts must be made by developers in applying dust control measures specially at project sites, says Ms Sonia Rani, Fellow, Sustainable Buildings Division, TERI

Reasons for hope in the face of climate change

03 Nov 2018 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| Business Standard

India is yet to get its act together in electric vehicles, solar thermal plants and batteries. It can import these, or leapfrog to global frontiers in usage and manufacture, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Big success! India has done remarkably in solar power capacity addition. Here’s how to take it to the next level

12 Oct 2018 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Financial Express

A real breakthrough has, occurred with capacity addition of solar power now growing exponentially—the growth rate in 2016-17 being slightly over 80%, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Improving water management in States

12 Oct 2018 |
Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar
| The Hindu Business Line

The recent initiative of the Centre of framing a composite water management index, though noteworthy, does not follow a well-reasoned methodology, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow and Senior Director, Water Resources Policy and Management Division, TERI.

We should run our kitchens on electricity

12 Oct 2018 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Mass access to electricity for lighting has been achieved. The next step should be making the use of electric stoves the norm, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Clipping the wrong end

05 Oct 2018 |
Mr Thomas Spencer
| The Economic Times

In the current period of higher global prices and a jittery rupee, India, unfortunately, can scarce afford to consume more imported oil, says Mr Thomas Spencer, Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Leveraging procurement for Make in India

03 Oct 2018 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| Business Standard

A modest beginning to use public procurement to support domestic industry was made last year when the government decided to mandate preference to domestic suppliers in public procurement, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Restoring public trust: from regulation to a social license

08 Sep 2018 |
Ms Joyita Ghose
Dr Preeti Jain Das
| Business World

The challenge for policy makers is to create a regulatory framework that makes socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable resource development projects the norm, rather than the exception, says Ms Joyita Ghose, Associate Fellow, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division and Dr Preeti Jain Das, Senior Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.