Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru

The Southern Regional Centre was set up in Bengaluru in 1990 with the primary objective of promoting industrial energy efficiency through research, consultancy, training, and information dissemination. Over the years, the Centre has built a reputation not only in energy efficiency services, but also in renewable energy and environmental studies. Other focus areas include sustainable buildings, water resources policy, and development of biodegradable and green plastics.

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    Our Research Focus

    Over the years, the Southern Regional Centre has developed its strengths in many research areas

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  • city-planning


    Turning plastic on its head

    The Resource Efficient Technologies division has been working on making plastics environment-friendly

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  • solar pv


    Replacing Bengaluru's auto fleet with electric autos will clean up the air and save LPG

    TERI study suggests 1200 tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted daily from total fleet of auto rickshaws in Bengaluru

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  • plastic

    Case study

    Learning by example: Solar PVs in Bengaluru's schools

    Setting up solar rooftops in educational institutions of the city

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  • green buildings

    Project Report

    Promoting Green Buildings in Tamil Nadu

    A report on developing policy initiatives to foster the growth of green buildings in the state

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Mr T Senthil Kumar

Area Convenor, Industrial Energy (Bangalore)

Dr G R Narasimha Rao

Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency

Ms Minni Sastry

Associate Director, Sustainable Buildings

Mr Pronab Dasgupta

Senior Director, TERI-SRC

Dr M N Sridar Babu

Fellow, Communication Outreach & Advocacy Unit

Mr Kiriti Sahoo

Area Convenor, Sustainable Buildings (SRC)

Dr Lasya Gopal

Area Convenor, Cent. for Impact, Eval & Energy Access, Bang

Mr D N Narasimha Raju

Director, Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru