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  • IMD’s state of affairs poor, says Pachauri

    9 July 2008| The Asian Age

    Nobel Prize winning Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chief Dr R.K. Pachauri says Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), which has been reluctant in accepting IPCC’s predictions on climate change, has unsatisfactory state of affairs. Dr Pachauri is one of the members of Prime Minister’s council on climate change which has drafted the recently released India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change.

  • Pachauri for scrapping of subsidy on kerosene

    9 July 2008| The Indian Express

    Advocating the removal of subsidies on non-renewable fuels like kerosene, chairman of the Nobel-prize winning Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change Dr R K Pachauri urged the Government to invest this money in promoting clean and alternative sources of energy. Citing the example of kerosene, Dr Pachauri said the huge subsidy on kerosene might have helped in lighting the lamps of poor households in the past but were no longer tenable in the face of burgeoning oil prices, especially since an estimated one-third of subsidised kerosene was being diverted for black-marketing or adulteration.

  • Pachauri welcomes climate change plan

    9 July 2008| The Economic Times

    Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI and one of the members of the prime minister’s climate change council, has called the National Climate Change Action Plan a significant first step towards weaning the country away from fossil fuels and towards a low carbon future.

  • Get off India's back, Pachauri tells developed nations

    8 July 2008| The Economic Times

    Dr R K Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), slammed developed countries for asking India and China to cut greenhouse gas emissions while they themselves had not taken strong steps to cut down pollution. "India can not be held for any emission control. They (developed countries) should get off the back of India and China," Dr Pachauri told reporters.

  • Let's switch to g-fuels

    4 July 2008| The Pioneer

    Biodiesel, ethanol, butanol and hydrogen are increasingly being explored as alternative fuel sources to tide over the energy crisis and save the environment. Says Mr Amit Kumar, director, Renewable Energy Technology Applications, TERI, "Our search for alternative fuels is due to concerns of sustainability, both environmental, economic, and geopolitical. A primary concern is that all have realized that the use of conventional fuels is contributing to the global warming crisis. Also, according to the 'peak oil' phenomenon, the demand for oil will exceed supply and this gap will continue to grow, which could cause a growing energy crisis by the year 2015 or 2020."

  • Curbing climate change not exorbitant: Pachauri

    1 July 2008| MERI News

    The cost of addressing the changes in the global climate affecting the world are not too great and could be easily managed by the world, according to Dr R K Pachauri, head of United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Global warming has resulted in an average temperature increase of 0.74 degrees Celsius in the last century and the sea level has climbed 17 centimetres, Dr Pachauri told reporters in New York. “But the good news is that the cost of taking action is really not all that high,” Dr Pachauri said.