Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Liquid Biofuels in South Asia: Resources and Technologies

NV Linoj Kumar, Dhavala Prabha, Goswami Anandajit, Sameer Maithel , 2006

Asian Biotechnology and Development Review, Vol. 8( 2):31-49p.

Living under a green roof

Sastry G , 2006

Project Monitor, 1 May 2006

Managing people's knowledge: an Indian case study of building bridges from local to global and from oral to scientific knowledge

Gokhale Y, Gadgil M, Gupta A, Sinha R, Achar K P , 2006

Bridging Scales and Knowledge Systems: Concepts and Applications in Ecosystem Assessment, pp. 241-253, edited by W Reid, F Berkes, T J Wilbanks, D Capistrano. Washington, DC: Island Press. pp. 351

Mapping progress towards a better air quality: some indicators

Sharma S, Panwar T S, and Nischal S , 2006

Indian Journal of Environmental Protection 26 (4): 301-311

Mobilizing foreign resources for modernizing the Indian electricity sector

Gupta J, van Asselt H, Hasan S, Kuik O, Ramanathan K , 2006

IDPAD Newsletter IV (1): 10-13

Molecular markers as tools for characterization and improvement of tea germplasm

Tripathi S B and Negi M S , 2006

International Journal of Tea Science 5 (1&2): 29-37 (Review Article)

Non-energy use and CO2 emissions from India

Pandey S and Uma R , 2006

Proceedings of Sixth Non-Energy Use and CO2 Emissions (Sixth NEU-CO2 workshop, Utrecht, 9-10 February 2006, organized by the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Oil and Gas: Focus on new sources

Pachauri R K, Batra R K and Noronha L , 2006

The Hindu - Survey of Indian Industry, pp. 131-136.

On inference concerning biodiversity

Rao A K, Antony J, and Nairy K S , 2006

In Multiple Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, pp. 240 - 256, edited by S Sonak New Delhi, India: TERI Press

Opportunities through eucalyptus agroforestry for sustainable development in Haryana, India

Bhojvaid P P , 2006

Proceedings of the International Conference on Plantation Eucalyptus: challenge in product development