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Putting urban transport sector on a low energy and low carbon path: a focus on the passenger transport sector in million-plus cities

Ghate A T and Sundar S. , 2010

India Infrastructure Report 2010. New Delhi: Oxford University Press

Solar Homes...maximum indoor comfort with optimum energy usage

Singh S , 2010

The Solar Quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp.37–41

Sustainable urban transport for the cities of tomorrow

Malhotra S and Ghate A T , 2010

Terra Green, Volume 3, Issue 9, 2010, pp.26-33

Taking the urban transport sector on a less energy intensive route

Ghate A T , 2010

Energy Security Insights, volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 13–16

Thermal comfort through natural ventilation in high rise buildings in warm-humid climate zone of India

Sahoo K and Sastry M , 2010

Akshay Urja, volume 4, Issue 5, pp.46–47

Transport and climate change issues: Indian perspective

Ghate A T , 2010

DSDS special event on Transport and Climate Change, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, India, February 2010, organized by TERI and ADB

Transport investing in energy and resource efficiency

Sundar S, Dhingra C, Sharma D and Ghate A T , 2010

Green Economy, pp. 374–406, United National Environment Programme. Oxford University Press

Urban transport in Indian cities: making optimum use of opportunities ahead

Divya S. , 2010

Auto Monitor (January 2010): 120

About GRIHA and implications of going green

Kochhar P. , 2009

Architecture Update 3(10)

Cities adaptation for climate change: issues, challenges, and opportunities

Sharma D and Tomar S , 2009

2nd German Indian Conference on Research for Sustainability on Science and Technology: drivers for a common future [2nd Indo?German Conference on Research for Sustainability, Bonn, Germany, 27?28 April 2009, organized by the Federal Ministry of Education