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Industrial Energy Efficiency

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Mapping long-term land use and land cover change in the central Himalayan region using a tree-based ensemble classification approach.

Chakraborty Anusheema, Sachdeva Kamna, Joshi P K , 2016

Applied Geography, Vol 74(2016): 136–150p.

Powering the North East: Challenges & Opportunities

Ramanathan K , 2016

YOJANA (April 2016) , 41-43p.

Demand Side management in Indian Power Utilities

Sundararaghavan Sandhya, Ramanathan K , 2015

Energy Science and Technology, Vol 12 : 97-118p.

Specific oxygen uptake rate gradient – Another possible cause of excess sludge reduction in oxic-settling-anaerobic (OSA) process

Khursheed Anwar, Sharma Meena Kumari, Tyagi Vinay Kumar, Khan Abid Ali, Kazmi A A , 2015

Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 281: 613–622p.

Starch/polyethylene nanocomposites: Mechanical, thermal, and biodegradability characteristics

Manjunath L, Sailaja R R N , 2015

Polymer Composites (Online)

Energy conservation measures in foundries

Pal Prosanto, Vasudevan N , 2014

Foundry Review, Vol 2(2): 1-20p.

Glass Manufacturing: Path for Sustainable Development

Kumar Sachin , 2014

Kanch,| Vol 2( 2): 13-15p.

India Japan Energy Forum 2013: Expanding Technology Cooperation in Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Smart Community

Sethi Girish, Dhingra Upinder Singh , 2014

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist-Special Report: 28-30p

India’s Growing Energy Basket: Prospects of Nuclear Power

Ramanathan K, Ram Mohan M P, Joshi Madhura , 2014

Energy Future, Vol 2(4): 5-12p.

PMMA-cellulose acetate phthalate nanocomposites reinforced with silane-treated nanoclay

Manjunath L, Sailaja R R N , 2014

Cellulose, Vol 21(3): 1793-1802p.