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Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in river and ground/drinking water of the Ganges River basin: Emissions and implications for human exposure

Sharma Brij Mohan, Bharat Girija K, Tayal Shresth, Larssen Thorjørn , 2016

Environmental Pollution, Vol 208(Part B): 704–713p.

Assessment of regional climatic changes in the Eastern Himalayan region: a study using multi-satellite remote sensing data sets

Agrawal Anubha, Sharma Anu Rani, Tayal Shresth , 2014

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Vol 186(10): 6521-6536p

Chemical Characterization of Meltwater from East Rathong Glacier Vis-à-Vis Western Himalayan Glaciers

Sharma Brij M, Tayal Shresth, Chakraborty Parthasarathi, Bharat Girija K , 2014

In: Joshi R, Kumar K, Palni Lok Man S (eds.), Dynamics of Climate Change and Water Resources of Northwestern Himalaya Society of Earth Scientists Series 2015 :181-190p.

Environment and human exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in India: A systematic review of recent and historical data

Sharma Brij Mohan, Bharat Girija K, Tayal Shresth , Nizzettoc Luca, Cupr Pavel, Larssen Thorjørn , 2014

Environment International, Vol 66: 48-64p.

The legal framework to manage chemical pollution in India and the lesson from the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Sharma Brij Mohan, Bharat Girija K, Tayal Shresth, Nizzetto Luca , Larssen Thorjørn , 2014

Science of the Total Environment, Vol 490 : 733-747p.

Glaciers in Ganges basin: an assessment of their dimensions through inventories

Dkhar Nathaniel B, Tayal Shresth , 2013

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Vol. 4, Issue 9, Sep 2013

A scenario planning approach to climate change adaptation in water management.

1. Malano H , Anshuman, George B, Davidson B, Pavelic P, and Kumar K , 2011

Adaptive and Integrated Water Management II (V), World Aqua Congress

Impact of climate change on the salinity situation of the Piyali River, Sundarbans, India

Dhar S , 2011

Journal of Water Resources & Protection, Issue 3, 2011, pp.495-503

Status and trends of the environment

Anshuman , 2011

Environment and development: China and India, Joint study by the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (CAEP) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), TERI Press, pp 311–338