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Synergistic effect of polyamines on bulblet multiplication in Lilium sp. (Asiatic hybrids)

Varshney, A;Dhawan, V;Srivastava, P S , 2000

Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 9: 115-118

Synergistic effect of polymines on bublet multiplication in Lilium sp. (Asiatic hybrids)

Varshney, A; Dhawan, V; Srivastava, P S , 2000

Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 9: 115-118

Tissue culture technology for large scale production of microtubers of chipping potato

Khan, P S S V, Saxena, S and Dhawan V , 2000

In : Paul Khurana, SM, Shekhawat, GS, Shingh, BP and Pandey, SK, (Eds.) Potato - global research and development: Volume 1. Indian Potato Association, Central Potato Research Institute, India. pp. 698-700

Regeneration and large-scale propagation of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus Nees) through somatic embryogenesis

Saxena, S and Dhawan, V , 1999

Plant Cell Reports. 18 : 438 – 443

Commercialization of bamboo tissue culture

Saxena, S. and Dhawan, V , 1997

In : Bamboo, People and the Environment – Propagation and Management (Vol. 1). Proceedings of IV International Bamboo Congress, Bali, Indonesia, June 19 – 22, 1995, INBAR Technical Report No. 8, pp. 62-74

Micropropagation: Success and Potential

Dhawan, V and Saxena, S , 1997

In: Second Annual Session, Annual General Meeting and National Conference on Transgenics, Tissue Culture and Floriculture, New Delhi.All India Biotech Association. pp.18- 22

Micropropagation Research in South Asia

Saxena, S and Dhawan, V , 1994

In: Constraints to production of Bamboo and Rattan. INBAR, IDRC, New Delhi. pp. 101-114.

Towards regeneration and mass propagation of bamboo through tissue culture

Saxena, S. and Bhojwani, S.S , 1994

In : Bamboo in Asia and the Pacific. Proc. IV International Bamboo Workshop, Chiangmai, Thailand, Nov. 24-29, 1991, FORSPA Publication 6. pp. 157-164

In vitro clonal multiplication of 4-year-old plants of the bamboo, Dendrocalamus longispathus Kurz

Saxena S and Bhojwani S S , 1993

In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant 29 (3): 135-142

Tissue culture of two species of bamboos and its potential role in the breeding of these monocarpic species

Bhojwani, S.S. and Saxena, S , 1993

In : Abstracts XV International Botanical Congress, Yokohama, Japan, August 28 – September 3, 1993. pp. 173