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Methodology to nanoencapsulate hepatoprotective components from Picrorhiza kurroa as food supplement.

Jia Dewei, Barwal Indu, Thakur Shloka, Yadav Subhash C , 2015

Food Bioscience, Volu 9: 28-35p.

Nitric oxide metabolism and indole acetic acid biosynthesis cross-talk in Azospirillum brasilense SM

Koul Vatsala , Tripathi Chandrakant , Adholeya Alok, Kochar Mandira , 2015

Research in Microbiology, Vol xx: 1-12p.

Study of nanotoxicity: Current need

Mishra Rohit Kumar, Dey Pannalal , 2015

Journal of Scientific Research and Advances,Vol2(2):88-89p.

A comparison of different regression models for downscaling Landsat and MODIS land surface temperature images over heterogeneous landscape

Dhakate P, Mayee P, Negi Madan Singh, Singh Anandita , 2014

Biologia Plantarum, Vol 58(4):627-640p.

A novel in vitro whole plant system for analysis of polyphenolics and their antioxidant potential in cultivars of Ocimum basilicum

Srivastava Shivani, Cahill DM, Conlan XA, Adholeya Alok , 2014

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vol 62(41): 10064-10075p.

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Play a Major Role in Agriculture and Natural Ecosystems to Improve Production in Sustainable Manner.

Prasad Kamal , 2014

In: Jamaluddin and Singh A K (eds). Microbes and Sustainable Plant Productivity: 189 p.

Effect of nitrogen concentration on lipid productivity and fatty acid composition of Monoraphidium sp

Dhup Saumya and Dhawan Vibha , 2014

Bioresource Technology, Vol. 152: 572-575p.

Effect of salts (NaCl and Na2CO3) on callus and suspension culture of Stevia rebaudiana for steviol glycoside production

Gupta Pratibha, Sharma Satyabati, Saxena Sanjay , 2014

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol 172( 6): 2894-2906p.

Efficacy of two dominant marker systems, ISSR and TE-AFLP for assessment of genetic diversity in biodiesel species Pongamia pinnata

Sharma Shyam Sunder, Aadil Keshaw, Negi Madan Singh, Tripathi Shashi Bhushan , 2014

Current Science, Vol 106 (11): 1576-1580p.

In vitro and in situ screening systems for morphological and phytochemical analysis of Withania somnifera germplasms

Johny Leena, Conlan Xavier, Cahill David , Adholeya Alok , 2014

Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC)