Press Releases

  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands visits TERI: Dr R K Pachauri briefs Her Majesty about ecological developments in India

    25 October 2007

    Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands accompanied by the Prince of Orange William-Alexander and his spouse Princess Maxima visited The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and met Dr R K Pachauri for an introduction to and a discussion about ecological developments in India. The discussions focused on enhancement of ties between India and Netherlands in the areas of Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development.

    Congratulating Dr Pachauri on the IPCC winning the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007, the Queen said that contacts between India and the Netherlands go back several centuries. She said that bilateral, economic and commercial relations are common within both countries with areas of like water management, environment, agriculture and food processing, services and technology being of widespread interest.

    In a formal presentation, Dr Pachauri, presented before Her Majesty a broad picture of some of the challenges that India is currently facing, which include Sea level rise (Sundarbans), Energy for the poor (Cooking fuels and lighting), Deforestation and Desertification, Wild life (Emphasing threat and loss of rare species like tiger), Loss of Biodiversity, Precipitation changes (resulting in floods and droughts), Air pollution and Water pollution.

    Taking note of Dr Pachauri’s presentation, the Queen focused attention on energy problems and received inputs from Dr Pachauri on the major energy challenges, which included efficient building construction, transportation and the industry. Dr Pachauri expressed concern on the slow research and development in these areas in the last two decades. He also emphasized the need for cooperative research in these areas to combat these challenges. “There is a wide range of potential options, which include efficient use of coal through gasification, use of renewable energy and nuclear energy to combat the supply need of energy for India” said Dr R K Pachauri.

    Among other issues that were discussed, were Indian farmer’s observation and reception to genetically modified crops, recycling of water and deforestation. Dr Pachauri said the joint forest management programme, a successful management practice, developed by TERI is now being used by the forest department across the country. A TERI exhibition was also shown to her that showcased TERI technologies for environment and sustainable development.