Press Releases

  • Majestic Agronomics ties up with TERI for bio-fertilizer production: Targets entire North India; two-year target 3000 tonnes

    6 November 2005

    Majestic Agronomics, a private limited company based in Una, Himachal Pradesh, has set up production facilities of 1000 tonnes per annum for manufacture of Abuscular Mycorrhiza, a bio-fertilizer developed by TERI under its license. The company has secured the license to manufacture and market this product and proposes to enhance the production capacity to 3000 tonnes in the coming two years.

    Majestic Agronomics is the third company in India to set up facilities for mass production of the unique product using the technology developed by TERI for multi culture production the earlier version of this technology was developed by TERI and DBT (Department of Biotechnology).

    Speaking at the occasion, Mr Mayank Sharma, Director, Majestic Agronomics, said, "We are very proud to be the first to set up a facility of this kind in North India. Not only will the bio-fertilizer be more environment friendly, the cost is very competitive as compared to other fertilizers, offering a dual advantage to users."

    Dr Alok Adholeya, Director, TERI, enumerating the benefits of the bio-fertiliser, added, "Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (AM), the bio-fertiliser developed by TERI, is an innovative invention offering a partial substitute to chemical fertilizers. It provides an edge to plants, helping them to thrive better and offer an enhanced yield even in nutrient poor conditions. The application of this product is beneficial to almost all cultivated plants."

    The present Indian agriculture system depends on chemical fertilizers. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers is not conducive to increasing food grain production in the long run. A bio-fertilizer is one of the environment-friendly approaches. It not only meets the nutrient requirement, but also adds organic matter to the soil environment and thus facilitates healthy growth in plants.

    India presently has about 114 million hectare of land under cultivation. Our demands will keep on increasing along with the population. There is about 56.29 million hectare of land currently categorized as wasteland which could be brought under cultivation using the Mycorrhiza AM developed by TERI.