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  • Gulf Research Center and TERI pledge to 'Green the Gulf'

    16 May 2005

    The Dubai-based Gulf Research Center (GRC) and TERI have come together to foster green thinking in the Gulf region under a wide-ranging co-operation agreement. The GRC Chairman, Mr Abdulaziz Sager was in Delhi to decide the details of the plan with Dr R K Pachauri, Director General, and other senior staff of TERI. The joint effort will aim to promote the concept of a "Green Gulf", the first step of which will involve a study focusing on the sustainability of the region's natural resources.

    Outlining the joint plan, Mr Abdulaziz Sager explained, "We will be focusing on the six GCC countries - Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE - and looking at local and region specific environmental issues in these countries. The requirement is to come up with suggestions and solutions that instill and promote green thinking. One of the tools we will employ and have great faith in is environmental education of young people in order to mould their receptive minds. The emphasis, however, should be on practical knowledge rather than just theory, throughout a child's education, so that the concept is ingrained in his mental make-up. TERI has a vast amount of expertise in the field and our cooperation with the institute will, I am sure, go a long way in propagating environmental and sustainable development issues in the region".

    TERI Director-General, Dr R K Pachauri, who is also Chairman of the Geneva-based Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said, "The Gulf region and India need to develop a relationship that is based on the respective strengths of our two societies. India is increasingly seen as a source of technological innovation, intellectual property and knowledge that can help in solving problems that afflict global society as a whole, such as the inefficient use of natural resources and pollution and degradation of the environment. The Gulf region with its vibrant economy and demographic characteristics provides unique opportunities for economic cooperation between India and the Gulf. It is in recognition of the mutuality of interest and the respective capabilities of the two institutions that GRC and TERI would work together towards creating public awareness and concrete solutions across a wide span of activities that would lead to sustainable development in the Gulf region. This partnership has been arrived at after extensive interaction and exchange visits during the past few months, and the path of collaborative activities that has been charted out is indeed challenging and intellectually stimulating for TERI as it is for GRC. The relationship between the two institutions would provide a concrete bridge for creating linkages across the two societies".

    The GRC-TERI partnership is an attempt to join hands in solving some of the most critical problems facing humanity that manifest themselves increasingly in the form of unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. The Gulf region critically requires management of its resources -land, air and water - in a manner that helps meet the needs of the present as well as future generations.

    Based in Dubai and driven by a challenging vision - Knowledge for all, the GRC is an independent research institute, think tank, education provider and consultant.