Press Releases

  • Gulf Research Center and TERI sign MoU and initiate 'Green Gulf' project

    10 April 2005

    Dubai-based Gulf Research Center (GRC) and TERI signed a wide-ranging co-operation agreement on 10 April 2005, to foster green thinking in the region.

    According to GRC Chairman Sheikh Abdulaziz Sager, "The joint effort aims to promote the concept of a 'Green Gulf' that would focus on the natural resources of the region and the state of the environment, both critical to the future of the Gulf and the world. Our objective is to create awareness among the public."

    "In joining hands with TERI, we hope to draw from their 'Green India 2047' project, which envisions a cleaner and greener environment," Sheikh Sager added.

    TERI Director-General Dr R K Pachauri, who is also Chairman of the Geneva-based Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, said, "India and the Gulf have a long history of cultural and social interaction, but this has not been converted into collaborative relationships in the scientific, academic and intellectual fields."

    "The GRC-TERI partnership is an attempt to join hands in solving some of the most critical problems facing humanity in the form of unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. It is particularly critical for the Gulf region to manage all its resources - including land, air and water - in a manner that helps to meet fully the needs of the present as well as future generations. Our collaboration is a small but significant step in that direction," he added.

    In outlining the first steps towards achieving the common vision, Sheikh Sager said "we intend to target and mould young minds, because children are the catalyst for change. We hope energy-related companies and institutions will cooperate toward this end."

    Based in Dubai and driven by a challenging vision - Knowledge for all, the GRC is an independent research institute, think tank, education provider and consultant.